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April 27, 2015 | by  | in Food |
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Restaurant Review: The Bresolin, Willis St

I had high hopes for this place after checking the menu out online. It seemed like a mid-to-high-end sort of establishment, offering a range of steaks on the Lunch/Dinner menu that were priced anywhere up to $70. I mean, you sort of start to take a restaurant seriously once they can justify charging you that much for a piece of meat and then expect you to buy sides on top of that.

The occasion was a monthly “dinner club” thing that my flat does, but we decided that since it was Sunday we would do lunch instead of dinner. So at 1pm we rocked up to The Bresolin and were pleased with what we saw. It was bustling, but not so frantic the wait staff didn’t pay us any attention.

And then the menu arrived. Actually, no. Let me be more accurate: half of the menu arrived. A portion of the drinks menu and the brunch menu were handed to us. We enquired about the lunch menu, could we see that too? The waitress looked at us like we were mental. They didn’t start serving off the lunch menu until 4pm, she said as though it were obvious.

We then tentatively asked about the possibility of seeing the full drinks menu, and were not disappointed. The range was extensive and reasonably priced. If we couldn’t have lunch, we could at least drink merrily.
Resigned to the somewhat underwhelming brunch menu, we looked at our options. There were the very standard eggs, muesli, big breakfast type choices, as well as a burger and fish and chips. And then I saw it. Buttermilk Fried Chicken. I was sorted.

The food was excellent quality. The chicken was crispy and well-cooked, and the ‘slaw it was served with was flavoursome—although I wished there had been more than a large tablespoon worth served with my meal. It could also have done with something else served with it—there just wasn’t enough on the plate to constitute an entire meal.

What really topped it off for me was dessert. I chose the soft-serve ice-cream, indulging my inner child. The flavour of the week was banana choc-chip, and it was amazing. Definitely not the most sophisticated of desserts, but that’s irrelevant. Half the table chose it and every single person loved it.

Aside from small portion sizes and an apparent inability to realise when most people tend to eat lunch, I liked The Bresolin. I’d go back. Just maybe not to try and eat lunch.

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