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May 11, 2015 | by  | in VUWSA |
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Education Officer

I’m Ellen and last week I went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron and I can’t stop fan-girling over it. I loved every moment of it. The epic fight scenes, cheesy heroes always win plot lines, and of course Thor’s muscles. I loved it so much that I really wanted to use this chance to say my bit in Salient to talk about it. And so I will, as well as class reps.

As your Education Officer for 2015, one my main jobs is to keep in touch with the class reps. About 97% of classes at Vic have at least one class rep, and that’s pretty awesome. I sometimes like to think of class reps as our own mini Avengers. They may not accidentally destroy tall buildings and half of Wellington in the name of protecting us from an alien attack, but they do provide a link to your course coordinator to provide positive and constructive feedback. Most of you probably only know your class rep ‘cause they’re the one who created the class FB group you use to ask if anyone has your tutor’s email address. But class reps can do so much more than that. If your lecturer’s going through their slides too quickly or a piece of assessment has inconveniently changed due date, format or topic, your rep is the one to avenge your class (see what I did there), and set things straight with the course coordinator or lecturer. (DISCLAIMER: I actually just looked up what avenge means on Google—your class rep is not going to inflict any kind of harm on anyone.)

VUWSA even has our own Wonder Woman (yes, I know she’s actually DC and The Avengers are Marvel—don’t get your knickers in a twist). Kate is our awesome and FREE student advocate. If any issue that is affecting your academic life is getting you down, come to the VUWSA offices in the Student Union Building or flick her an email.

I’m really hoping that Salient draws me as a superhero for this. P.S. my preferred power would be teleportation. Imagine just thinking of where you wanna go and BOOM, you’re there. I would never walk Mount Street again!

Anyway, the point is, superheroes are cool and so are class reps.

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