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May 24, 2015 | by  | in News |
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Gu-rude advice shocks Massey students

Lynx Africa belongs in the bin, not on vaginas

Massey’s student magazine MASSIVE is in hot water after being back in print for only four issues.

The latest issue of MASSIVE, published on Monday 18 May, has attracted strong criticism from students for the content of its sex advice column, “Ask Guru”.

In the column, the anonymous “Guru” advises a letter writer who is concerned that her boyfriend is too tired to have sex with her that “it’s easy to fix him, all you need is a little time, and a lot of sexual innuendo, and gobbies… you can’t forget the gobbies.”

Guru also suggests the letter writer “buy a dildo, slap his face with it”.

In response to another letter, Guru advises a letter writer who wants to persuade his girlfriend to have sex with him on campus to “starve her, and then she will eventually eat your willy.”

The author follows this by saying he was joking, and goes on to suggest ways the letter writer can “get your girl hungry for the dick” so that “eventually, she’ll be fucking you til the cows come home and you’re jizzing everywhere.”

Finally, Guru tells a letter writer who doesn’t like the smell of his girlfriend’s genitals to “get out the scrubbing brush… scrub the shit out of it… shove soaps up there… turn to Lynx Africa and spray the shit out of it.”

Massey student Nicole Webber wrote a post complaining about the column’s content on the MaWSA (Massey at Wellington Students’ Association) Facebook page.

In her complaint, which has garnered over 125 likes, Webber says the column “is filled with inaccurate, offensive, misogynistic, hetero-normative, cis-sexist comments about female bodies and sexuality”.

“[Guru] states that impromptu sexual acts mean ‘eventually she’ll be fucking you ’til the cows come home and you’re jizzing everywhere’. In opposition to this, women are not a hive-mind where all it takes is a few particular tricks to make her want to have sex with you. “

“Discussing shoving things up the vaginal cavity and spraying/scrubbing the shit out of it is incredibly threatening at a broader level, but especially so when discussing how someone should treat their partner.”

The post attracted further critical comments from Massey students.

“As a male I’m offended this douche thinks this sort of shit is funny. Did anyone proof read this crap, before letting this sexist trash be published.”

“Disgusting and derogatory—waiting to see what MAWSA will do about this”.

MaWSA President Tom Pringle said “these complaints have been taken very seriously by all of us here at MaWSA.

“We have responded to all complainants and have escalated their concerns to the Media Advisory Committee to discuss the future of Guru. I will be attending this meeting and will be voicing the concerns on behalf of the students.”

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