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July 19, 2015 | by  | in Ask Agatha |
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Ask Agatha

Hi Auntie Agatha,

My boyfriend dresses really badly and I don’t know how to help. He’s suspicious of me when I go to buy him new and acceptable clothing. He says he has his own style and he doesn’t want me to change him, but what kind of style is Adidas slides and ironic catchphrase t-shirts? What can I do?

-Guilty Girlfriend

Hey GG,

I think the style that you are struggling to identify is dude-bro style. What you need to do to help foster your boyfriend’s style is embrace the dude-bro.

First of all, he likes ironic tees? Run with that. Find some blank tees and get some of his fave texting phrases printed on them, like “haha watr u wearing”, “haha then whatr u gunna do for me” and “no-homo lol”. If you want to make sure that he knows you respect him and his style, you should bestow upon him the crown jewel of dude-bro fashion—a bucket hat.

Ultimately everyone is going to have some weird thing they think is cool, whether it be the odd ironic tee or smelly jelly sandals. So maybe your dude-bro is looking at you thinking that he needs to fix you up with some better style.

If all else fails, you can always try to dress exactly like him until he is sick of looking like fraternal twins.

Good luck changing yo man,

-Auntie Agatha


Hi Agatha,

All of my friends are going overseas and having the time of their lives. I’m just stuck in the library all day, every day not seeing anyone or having any fun. All my friends are all away on holiday, living their best life. I can’t even afford to drive out to the Hutt for the weekend! How can I improve my dire situation?

-Desperate and Depressed

Hi DD,

I would say you need a holiday too, but we both know that you can’t afford it. So I suggest you follow the mantra of “fake it till you make it”.

Start honing your skills with Photobooth and get some good background shots of resorts and scenery in different holiday locations from Tumblr and set them as a background in Photobooth. This way, while you’re studying in the library, you can fake some holiday snaps to put on Facebook. Hell, even experiment with some fake tan and really commit to the role. If all of your friends are away then they aren’t going to be able to call you out on faking.

Happy “holidays”,

-Aunt Agatha

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