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Mac DeMarco—Another One


The much loved vocalist from Vancouver, Mac DeMarco, announced earlier this year that he would be releasing a short album entitled Another One, and true to his word, he hasn’t disappointed.

Following on from his 2014 album Salad Days, DeMarco has returned triumphantly with a similar sounding album, focusing heavily on lo-fi love ballads that ooze with the chill feels and undulating melodies that the Canuck is so well-known for.

The album contains two standout tracks. “The Way You’d Love Her” opens the album with a groovy guitar piece and is backed by a simple drum line and soothing lyrics, warmly introducing the loved-up vibe of the album. “A Heart Like Hers” continues this theme, sounding like a distorted homage to DeMarco’s Barry Manilow B-side.

One not-so-cool observation would be that DeMarco’s sound doesn’t seem to have matured or progressed all that much since Salad Days. Many of the riffs, including but not limited to “No Other Heart”, “I’ve Been Waiting For Her” and “Just To Put Me Down”, have the same poppy reverb with which Salad Days was riddled and sound like they could have come straight off of that album. These similarities continue with the instrumental outro “My House By The Water, a track that imitates in a more lo-fi fashion “Jonny’s Odyssey”, finishing with another send off message from Mac himself at the end of the album.

That being said, the send off message has created some excellent stories since it first surfaced on the Internet a few weeks ago. Get this—DeMarco gives out his REAL LIFE HOME ADDRESS! 6802 Bayfield Ave, Arverne, New York. He even encourages people to “stop on by” for a cup of coffee. Think he’s bullshitting? Check the Reddit AMA created by the man himself a few weeks ago and get ready to jump onto the next flight over. A number of people (or “superfans”, as DeMarco has dubbed them) have even come forward to thank him for the “cup of coffee” and being a generally great human who stays true to his word. Just another reason to love the quirky, cheery, mad-talented Canadian.

Despite the lack of variation between this album and his last, Mac DeMarco has brought his fans exactly what they wanted out of Another One—a creamy, loved-up, easy listening record, with plenty of soul and plenty of groovy vibes. Another One will be officially released August 7

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