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te puni
September 6, 2015 | by  | in News |
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Naughty Te Puni

Students incur wrath of neighbours, Stuff commenters

A neighbour to Te Puni village, Anna Ronberg, has asked Victoria University to “curb the drunken antics” of students in halls, according to Stuff.

“They have built this hostel for first-year students, who have just left home, and they just don’t know how to handle their alcohol properly,” Ronberg said.

Victoria’s Director of Campus Services Jenny Bentley told Stuff that the University “have built fences, planted trees, developed a noise minimisation plan in consultation with neighbours, and campus security do checks two to three times every evening” along with other improvements that have been made to Boyd Wilson path.

The calls for changes to hall alcohol policies are not new, and follow requests from Kelburn residents this year to make Weir House alcohol-free.

Comments on the article followed a predictable “get off my lawn” theme. “I think you’ll have more luck teaching a cat to play underwater hockey than getting drunk teenage students to behave sensibly,” according to a commenter by the name of “Frying Pan”.

“The behaviour is drunk and disorderly, antisocial and socially unacceptable,” Shakemyhead wrote, presumably while shouting at the sky.

Some commenters took aim at halls of residence for failing to properly supervise their residents, claiming that “the RAs appear to have little impact” and that “Weir House discharges their pre-loaded drunk students (also vomiting, shouting, chanting and screaming) into our community at 10pm to keep peace and quiet in the hall. So they disrupt us instead.”

Others blamed the University for not exercising voodoo-like levels of control over its students. “The university refuses to accept any responsibility for the anti social behaviour brought about by their alcohol policies in halls of residence,” David W frothed.

However, RitaFairBanks claimed that “the University already does a hell of alot in regards to this issue”.

“Not sure how you want the University to do to fix the problem, they are educators not babysitters,” another commenter wrote. “There are always going to be a few bad eggs but you cannot generalise the entire student population as drunk idiots.”

To which Stuff presumably replied, “challenge accepted”.

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