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A band you’ll be glad we told you about

Albi and The Wolves are a Kiwi folk band who look set for big things. Kate Robertson caught up with frontman Chris hot off the release of their latest single “Remember Your Name” to find out a little more about the band whose name you’ll definitely be hearing more of in months to come.

Kate: I’ve heard from people in the know that you guys work pretty damn hard—how long have you actually been together and chipping away at it?

Chris: We started as a band around August last year. Three of our first gigs were like a mini-tour around New Zealand, and that’s kind of when the band started—so just over a year now.

You guys have done a LOT of shows, is that by choice? Because it seems to be working!

Just imagine it’s the most fun thing that you ever could do and so you just wanna do it a lot and keep working at it. So yeah, we’re doing it to get our name out there, but also it’s just really fun.

You describe your sound as “folk music, but not as you know it”, did you wanna elaborate on that statement a little?

What we do is we take folk instruments—the banjo, the fiddle and the double bass—but we use them as a platform to make something really fun happen. So the sound is diverse. I guess what I sing about and what we write about aren’t necessarily strictly traditional folk topics either. The songs don’t sound like folk songs, if that makes sense? But it’s folk music because that’s what the band is.

You just released your debut video to accompany your latest single “Remember Your Name”, how would you describe that song and that video?

Well the song’s idea was about impressions. So when you meet someone and you’re really struck by them, one of the things you want them to do is just remember who you are. It’s kind of a romanticised idea like “oh my gosh that person’s so utterly beautiful, interesting or awesome. I wanna talk to them and find out about them”. And you hope that you can come across in a way that makes them go “I wanna know who that person is next time”. The video kind of runs with the idea of getting a female character who’s running away from something in her life to find something better. So her story kind of goes along with the original one, but sees it from a different angle.

Lots of bands tour throughout summer, are you guys planning to do the same?

A tour is going to happen. It’s yet to be organised, but it will happen. And then we’re just going to keep doing what we do. We play a lot of shows—one a week if we can. We just want to keep that momentum going. We released an EP earlier this year that was kind of our first step out there, and this is kind of the next step before we start working on another EP. So lots more shows, more getting around the country and some more music.

So if people reading wanted to find your music what would be the best way to go about it?

It’s all on Spotify and Soundcloud, and if you want to buy it it’s all on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Albi and The Wolves will be playing at the Wellington Folk Festival from the 23–26 October.

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