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Eye on the exec—VUWSA Dragon’s Den coming soon to a screen near you


Two weeks ago, I lost my VUWSA executive meeting virginity. Clocking up a sweaty one hour and forty minutes, there were highs, lows, breakups, makeups, and a lot of frothing over O-Week.


Upon arrival, it was clear that the novelty of the new team hadn’t quite worn off. Everyone was surprisingly perky for a team in the throes of their busiest time of the year. We were off to a flying start, and just ten minutes in, 2002 VUWSA President Fleur Fitzsimons was unanimously elected to The Trust (the part of VUWSA that makes it rain cash-money on students, clubs, and long-term investments).


Following Fleur’s departure, conversation moved to Gaz from Geordie Shore and his O-Week tour. As king of the fuckbois what could possibly go wrong? Apparently—a lot. It was decided that VUWSA would not be associating themselves with his particular brand of celebrity and that those in search of a VIP meet and greet would need to sell their souls elsewhere. Also, word on the street is that there’s a G-Eazy after-party in the pipeline, but watch out, you’ll have to beat out Academic Vice President Jacinta who is planning on hunting him down.


The most interesting part of the meeting by far was Treasurer George’s announcement that VUWSA is looking to dive headfirst into the world of small business start-ups through the introduction of a new revenue venture policy. The discussion and debate surrounding the policy was lengthy, and at times confusing for my BA brain to fully grasp, but the crux of it is that VUWSA is operating at capacity and needs more money.


With the university continuing to grow resources are being stretched further and further; something had to be done—cue the revenue venture policy. Students will be able to pitch business ideas they’ve been harbouring since they were 14, in the hope they might be so lucky as to have the VUWSA Dragon’s Den make their dreams come true. VUWSA will own 51% of the business and the entrepreneur at least 20%. Initial funding will come from The Trust, but in time the businesses will flourish and be able to stand on their own.


It was acknowledged that this is a higher risk venture than VUWSA historically would’ve entered into; but with four layers of protection—all of which seemed to involve asking the question, does it smell fishy? George was confident it was their best bet at long-term financial security.


Next meeting will take place in the heat of O-Week. I will report back soon on psychological state of the executive members in my next report.

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