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February 28, 2016 | by  | in Women's Group |
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I would like to have thought that by now all my feminist stances would be set in concrete—but about a week ago I found myself sitting half-naked in the Lonely changing rooms, stressing the fuck out over whether I was genuinely about to spend $150.00 on underwear purely for my own enjoyment, or if I was subconsciously catering to the ~male gaze~. This led to a horrid spiral of the dreaded (spooky voice) FEMINIST ANGST. In the end I resigned to the fact I am an awful feminist and decided to buy the black lingerie set. Mostly because I’m crushing on a dude who exclusively wears black and white. Fuck.

Over the past four or so years since engaging with feminism, I have come to realise that there is no cohesive set of beliefs that all feminists follow. And I’m not even sure whether we will ever find some sort of universal enlightenment, where everyone’s feminism is totally productive and we are all in happy feminist harmony. It’s likely that for as long as feminism exists, we will be pondering Sasha Grey’s feminist credibility, and whether or not the female gaze is a concept in itself, or just a more glittery version of the male gaze—with a slight improvement in representation of marginalised groups.

So while we’re waiting for feminism to reach its enlightened state, I’m metaphorically walking towards all the conflicted feminists out there with arms outstretched; giving you all a lil kiss on the forehead, and telling you that losing sleep due to the fact you kinda want to become a stripper for the $$$ and GST-free makeup but are worried you’d be doing feminism a disservice by encouraging objectification of women, doesn’t necessarily make you a shitty feminist.

Enjoy this column? Relate to these feelings? You should become a member!

During Clubs Week (1st to the 3rd of March) the Women’s Group have a stall in the Hub from 10-3pm. Come by and say hello and you can sign up with us to become a member! (it’s free and doesn’t take long). By being a member you support what we do and also become involved with us as well! We are looking forward to meeting all your faces.

Can’t make it? On Wednesday, March 16th at 12:15–2:15 PM we will be hosting a meeting for new members and also to elect the new executive :) we will also have snacks and drinks. Hope you can make it!


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