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toga party
February 28, 2016 | by  | in News Splash |
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Toga party a sweet success

Last Tuesday hundreds of students dressed up for the annual toga party, the first of the social events VUWSA has on offer.

The party was held at the Hunter Lounge, and from 7:00–10:30pm first-year students raved, drank, and screamed to top-40 club bangers provided by Sweet Mix Kids and Jupiter Project.

Welfare Vice President Rory Lenihan-Ikin spent the night literally making it rain, watering people on the dance floor like little pot plants; while Equity Officer Chrissy Brown was in charge of the sick bay for those who’d had a few too many. VUWSA President Jonathan Gee told Salient he thought the event had gone incredibly well and looked so happy he might burst.

At 9.27pm the event’s promoter said only three people had electively left the premise, a statistic which might be a record for VUWSA events.

On the menu was the sophisticated combination of cheese toasties provided by VUWSA and waffles provided by ARISE Church. Some students enjoyed the food so much they chose to stay in the foyer and not rejoin the party, with one cumberland resident going as far as to state that the chocolate chip waffles were “the best waffles ever.”

As the night wore on and more students crowded onto the dance floor, the heat of hundreds of bodies in one room became too much for some students to handle—some resorted to ripping off their togas. Thrown them in every direction, one toga even made its way onto the stage causing the crowd to erupt in cheers.

The consensus from students of an older age was that this year’s toga party was busier and less awkward than it has been in recent history, with many complaining that this year’s event was “way better than their toga party.”

Even Salient’s news editor and a reporter were seen vigorously dancing like tragic old people, as though re-living their younger days. Salient apologizes for any emotional damage caused by such behaviour, and would like to add that only one student tried to use the Salient offices as a bathroom.

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