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VUWSA Services Guide

Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA) exists to make sure students have an awesome experience while studying at Victoria. We’re independent from the university and free to join, and since we’re student-led, student-ideas shape everything we do.


A student executive who makes sure you’re heard

Our executive consists of ten elected students who are responsible for the strategic direction and governance of VUWSA. Our executive, together with VUWSA staff, and over 1,400 class representatives and faculty delegates, are committed to making sure student voices and opinions are heard.


Supporting student-welfare and well-being

We have welfare services to help students in need. You can visit our reception to pick up free Community Pantry food parcels, free inter-campus bus passes, or some free bread.

Our welfare services are available to help you, when and if you need it.


Usual weekly term-schedule:


  • Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm—pick up a free Community Pantry food parcel or a free inter-campus bus pass.
  • Monday from 9am—pop by VUWSA for some home-made baking provided by Good Bitches Baking in partnership with Kaibosh.
  • Wednesday between 2pm to 6pm—visit Tim Beaglehold Courtyard (outside the hub, Kelburn campus) for our Fruit and Vege Market. Bring your own reusable bags.
  • Friday from 9am—pop by VUWSA for artisan bread provided by Kaibosh.



Advocacy—independent support when you need it

We offer free independent, confidential advocacy support for students. Our advocacy support can help with academic issues, accommodation problems, employment and legal disputes.


Communicating your student-voice

We produce Salient, the weekly student magazine of Victoria University. A new issue of Salient is available free on campus each Monday during term. Funded by students through the Student Services Levy (SSL).


Our weekly Vege Market for fresh thinking

We run a Fruit and Vege Market every Wednesday from 2pm to 6pm during the trimester. This Market helps students’ money go further, and provides affordable and accessible healthy-food options.


Events to keep you meeting people

University isn’t just about passing courses and gaining degrees. It’s also about meeting new people, pursuing passions, and experiencing new things. We put on great events throughout the year for our students, such as O-WEEK, Re-O-WEEK, and Stress-Free Study Week.


Locker hire

All students can hire lockers which provide excellent storage and security for personal items on Campus. Contact us for more information.


Lost property

We’re the University’s lost property hub. If you’ve lost something pop by our office and find out if it’s with us. If you find an item around campus, be a good sort and drop it into our office at Level 4, Student Union Building, Kelburn.


Bus passes

We work in partnership with the university to provide free inter-campus bus passes to students (aka ‘Free Bus Pass Initiative’). If you have classes at different campuses on the same day, you’re eligible for free travel costs. Pop by our office, and if you’re eligible we’ll load bus trips on your Snapper card. Easy!


Van hire

Need a people mover? We have a twelve-seater van available for VUWSA-affiliated representative groups and Victoria University clubs to hire. Go to our website for more information, or pop by our office.


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what we do!


We’re free to join

When you join as a member, you support us to secure better outcomes for you. We’re your students’ association. We do everything we can to make your experience better.

You’re an integral part of VUWSA—so get involved!

Find out more:


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