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Some kind of something

Jordana is a video based performance artist currently living in Wellington. She has recently completed a BFA (hons) at Massey University, and is currently working at the City Gallery Wellington. I visited Jordana at her home in Brooklyn on the first evening of daylight savings. It was 6.30pm, almost dark, the wind had picked up, and I wasn’t wearing a warm enough jacket.


How are you?


What have you been thinking about recently?

I’ve been thinking about youthfulness. The concept of love, connectivity. I’ve been thinking about other people, a lot. Interactions with people just, they throw me, for like days, especially if it is something that I couldn’t predict.

What is your art background/current art practice?

My year thirteen portfolio was all about a relationship with my high school best friend and lover. So I dedicated my time, my entire year to processing that, sorting that through using art.  You know, all dark grey, Lou Reed lyrics, violins, coffins, roses, and like, women making out.

As a video based performance artist, I talk a lot about my body, about my feelings, and those intimate interactions which have a profound impact on them, those which have something relatable to them. As I was saying before, I get thrown quite easily by the interactions I have and my reactions to them, I do internalize a lot.

What got you into working with video and performance?

I came back after the summer break, after third year, and was like, no, I need to investigate myself this year, before art school is done. So that’s when I made 18 Easy Pieces, a series of 18 video based performance works which all situate my body as central, my body became a mechanism, a weapon in the production of meaning, and by virtue, art.

A current project you are working on?

I am currently working on an exhibition alongside Megan Dieudonne. Megan recently curated friends are artists, a group show of Wellington based artists, in Berlin. I thought that’s really sweet and kind of beautiful. So I felt the need to curate a response show. I have been in contact with Megan and sourced ten Berlin based artists to exhibit in Wellington, this will be a one night event held on Friday 29th of April. [info below].

A ritual of yours?

There is this thing I’ve done with my hands since I was ten, equal parts ritual and tendency. Basically I touch my tongue to the index finger of my left hand, then I place the index finger and middle finger of both hands together, then I press my thumbs between the fingers on each hand, it’s difficult to explain, and I try to be extremely subtle about it.

Generally it is to do with anxiety, if I feel ungrounded or unsafe, I bring myself back to my body through this ritualised action.

Sun, moon or stars?

I want to say stars, because I’m greedy, but, moon, easy.

What is your favourite time of day?

I want to say early morning, but that’s a lie, because I’m not up early often enough to know. I’m going to say my favourite time of day is the idea of the very earliest of morning. Any time I’ve ever experienced an early morning, I’m just like, this is fucking awful. But, it’s the early morning, the stillness, the calmness, the coldness, that’s what I like, that feeling. It’s the sickness I get from being awake that early, I just can’t stand it. But, that’s not the morning’s fault.


Whats on?

freunde sind Kunstler

April 29, 7.00–11.00pm

level 1, 264 Taranaki Street


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