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Eye on the Exec

We turned up and were the last ones there, classic Salient. Chrissy asked if Emma had brought a bottle of Scrumpy, but it was just a San Pellegrino bottle, we wish it was cider. We didn’t get an agenda, which only served to make the unfolding meeting a surprise from point to point. We didn’t actually ask for one, in VUWSA’s defense, we just passively sat there (we haven’t read Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg). Emma tried to peer over Rory’s shoulder at one point, and he just smirked at her sleuthing attempts, but in a loving way. Emma was real sweaty, having just played netball, and kept dropping her pen, and Jayne was dry as, she only did yoga.

The meeting started by talking about what it is they were going to talk about, classic VUWSA. Once that was out of the way, the party really kicked off.

The general manager gave her report, George checked in on how the garage sale was going, turns out it’s all good. And then the VUWSA Pres (Mr Gee) gave his report, he made an A3 spreadsheet that was colour coded, detailing how he uses his time. Jono talked about how the university is making heaps of committees, meaning that there are just heaps of meetings to attend. This really got the room heated up, and Jono even had to open the window. George reckoned it was a “good overview.”

Student engagement is a in their strategic plan, they repeated the words “student engagement” about 20,000 times, but aside from social media and literally talking to students, they never really really talked in specifics.

Jonathan let out some bangers like “go with the flow,” “ambassadors of VUWSA,” and called for the exec to have “more facetime” going beyond those “already using our services.”

Then it moved to policy, and the whole room cheered! The best part of the policy part was the race between all the exec to point out the errors others hadn’t spotted. The best was when they started talking in numbers and they sounded like non-binary binary code 1.1 1.2.1 1.1.1.

“Kill me,” said Emma. “No, kill me” said Jayne. “Do you have deodorant?” said Emma. “Yeah but it’s a roll on, but I don’t care,” said Jayne.

Before we had to go we all realised that the absence of pizza directly correlated to the absence of Nathaniel—he was the pizza lynch pin. As we left we apologised for missing out on all the fun and insisted it wasn’t a personal thing, but we actually had to go.

The next day we caught up on what we missed. VUWSA is keen for clubs that aren’t just sports clubs to have their achievements recognized by the university. The university hosts the Blues Awards every year to celebrate success for sporting achievements, but what about other 85% of clubs that are not sports related? Salient detects a strong jock-bias.

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