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November 15, 2016 | by  | in Editorial |
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Red tinsel in Countdown. Hush falling upon campus like the first snow on Europe. The slow and solemn force of gravity sealing the pages of the few unread Salients as they moulder in boxes on the office floor.

Mate, it’s the end of the year.

Four years of studying English Lit have reduced us to chalky clichés, so we wanna hear what you have to say instead. So, please, come write for us.

But who are we, you (didn’t) ask? We, Laura and Tim, are the Great Guardians of the Organ of Student Opinion — you can simply refer to us as next year’s co-editors.

Laura’s first name is Tuioleloto and she sometimes has an identity crisis about which name she should use. She likes to think that her namesake, Laura Ingalls Wilder, is the reason that she became an Eng-Lit nerd. She was born in Samoa, grew up in South Auckland, and now thinks of herself as a Wellingtonian because she’s a fiapoko coffee snob. She just finished her honours and is excited to not be a student next year.

Tim (born Timothy, a name he embraced at kindergarten and will re-embrace in his 70s) is from Hawkes Bay and like Laura has just finished his honours. If four years of books weren’t enough, he will be spending summer sweating and stacking in the university library.

Together we wooed the selection panel and have been handed the reins. Emma and Jayne have moved on; the torch has passed and the crowns rest on new heads.

We have great plans for next year — Salient is going to be a platform for new and challenging voices, for stories in and outside of the mainstream, for diverse thoughts on the world. It will inform and entertain and reflect the experience, in all its complexity, of attending Victoria University of Wellington.

But for this we need you — your voices, your stories, your thoughts. Salient relies on volunteers, so if you’re a budding writer, have opinions on video games/poetry/music, know how to find rare native plants in the Rimutaka ranges and want to document your intrepid tromps — essentially if you have something you want to say — let us know.

If writing’s not your thing, we’ll also be on air. Salient FM will be beaming out the good music from a top the hill all 2017 and if you’re interested in getting involved email Station Manager Rob Barratt — You can book a regular time-slot, establish yourself, and then move on down the hill to Radioactive….

We will be updating social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) over the next few weeks with more details and there are a number of paid positions which we will be advertising. Please also send us an email — as we will be setting up a mailing list. If you want to be in the loop of what’s going on with Salient throughout the year, this is the list to be on.

We can’t wait to hear from you!   

Laura & Tim.



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