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March 27, 2017 | by  | in Podcasts |
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Interview with H2O Just Add Banter

This week I interviewed Ella Steele and Alex Feinson, the hosts of “the most unnecessary podcast ever created,” H2O Just Add Banter.


Tell me a bit more about the premise of your podcast.

Ella: We watch episodes of the mid-2000’s hit Australian fantasy drama H2O: Just Add Water and we talk about it.

Alex: And we get off topic — constantly. [The idea] came about when we were in our English tutorial last year and we got distracted, and became obsessed with trying to remember the show.

Ella: I think we were sort of joking, like “we should totally do a podcast,” and then we were like “actually we really should.” And then we told everyone, so we had to do it.


Why a podcast? What drew you to the medium of podcasting, as opposed to writing a blog or something similar?

Alex: I’m into podcasts big time; I have heaps of podcasts I listen to. I guess I thought it was a good medium, I’ve wanted to make one for a couple of years because I’ve been a fan of them, and I thought it would be a good format. I’m not a camera person, so a voice recording was good. It’s a medium that suits me personally.

Ella: Also I could never be bothered writing a blog post every week, so this is definitely easier.


In terms of making the podcast itself, are there any challenges that you’ve experienced with putting it together?

Alex: We are poor and we don’t want to pay to make a podcast. We don’t have sponsorship, so we didn’t want to pay for a hosting site. We did want to get it on to iTunes, but also be available for people who don’t have Apple products. We were on Soundcloud for a while but we had uploading restrictions using it for free. After searching and searching we found one site that connects to iTunes and also to Tumblr.


What hosting site do you use?

Alex: It is this weird site called Shout Engine — it’s a beta… I’m very scared one day it won’t exist anymore.


What podcasts are you listening to right now?

Alex: I’m a true crime fan, so I’m listening to My Favourite Murder, it’s so good. Ella and I also love No Such Thing as a Fish as well. I also like New Zealand podcasts like Boners of the Heart and The Male Gayz on the Little Empire network.

Ella: Guilty Feminist, and The Infinite Monkey Cage because it’s got Brian Cox and science, Made of Human with Sofie Hagen, and also Elis James and John Robins on Radio X is fun.


Finally, if you could choose one of the characters’ special mermaid powers (being able to heat, freeze, or manipulate water), which one would you choose?

Alex: I would probably have the boiling one so I can keep my coffee warm.

Ella: My instinct is to go with the ice powers, because I don’t like things too hot, and also the Arctic is melting so I can refreeze that.


H2O Just Add Banter is available on iTunes or If you host a podcast, get in touch!

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