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Buckle up astrological children, it’s Gemini Season! Gemini is the first air element of the zodiac, so prepare for some crazy energy. Under the influence of a Gemini planetary cycle, we’ll all be inclined to spend time with friends and focus on changing the world one idea at a time. Or something.


Gemini: May 21–Jun 20

Heyoooo it’s your birthday season Gemini! Your ruler Mercury is in Taurus until June 6, so get ready to deal with some feels. Now is a great time to clear out some of your emotional baggage to make room for all things new and creative!!


Cancer: Jun 21–Jul 22

My dear Crab, now that the Sun has moved into Gemini it’s never been a better time to reassess your boundaries — don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, or *ahem* your shell!


Leo: Jul 23–Aug 22  

Leo, I have one word for you and that is SYNERGY. Get socialising and you could meet some cool new people with shared #goals.


Virgo: Aug 23–Sep 22

The hustle continues for you sweet Virgo, with the Sun now in Gemini and your tenth house of success. The planets are telling me to tell you to get out and do YOU on the weekend girl, find an adventure!


Libra: Sep 23–Oct 22

As a fellow Air sign Libra, Gemini season is a gr8 time for you! Express yo’self! Go exploring! Cultivate mystery and excitement, whatever that means.


Scorpio: Oct 23–Nov 21

It’s all about Mercury right now, and with this flirty planet in Taurus ‘til June 6 you are charming af! Business partnerships and creative collaborations also get a ~bump~ for the coming few weeks.


Sagittarius: Nov 22–Dec 21

What in collaboration!? The Gemini Twins are here to tell you that two heads are better than one! The urge to merge will be strong for the next few weeks Sagi baby, why not get back on Tinder?


Capricorn: Dec 22–Jan 19

Gemini season is also healthy living season for you, Sea-Goat. Try to incorporate the social vibes of this season with some wholesome activities, like yoga, or just not drinking too much at Ivy this weekend.


Aquarius: Jan 20–Feb 18

Lucky you Aquarius, the sun is in your fifth house of romance, celebration, and creative expression! Can you feel the love tonight? If not you will be feeling it by the end of the week my friend. (If you don’t I am sorry).


Pisces: Feb 19–Mar 20

The sun in Gemini means socialising galore! Remember to take time for yourself though gentle Pisces, as the sun is in your domestic fourth house until June 21. Let the party come to you!


Aries: Mar 21–Apr 19

Wahoo, Gemini governs your third house of cooperation and communication and you could double your impact rn! Now is the time to be your most flirty self, as Venus will be in Aries until June 6.


Taurus: Apr 20–May 20

Read Marie Kondo’s book about being tidy because after a hedonistic birthday season, you wouldn’t mind adopting a more minimalistic approach again. Why not use this time to ~curate your life~.


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