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July 31, 2017 | by  | in Can Do |
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Access Denied

Yes, you ARE allowed to ask for help!

“But my problems aren’t that bad,” you say as someone hands you a card for Disability Services. Sure, things are a little tough right now, and you’re finding some aspects of study really tricky, but you don’t feel like things are “that bad” yet, and you certainly don’t want to “use up” any help that “truly disabled” students might need.

Well, friend, if you are having trouble (whether university or life related) you ARE allowed to ask for help. “Lots of people struggle with everyday things and still manage to make it work.” True, but that doesn’t mean your issues are unworthy of help, just because they seem trivial to you, or like something “you should be able to deal with alone.” I’ve spent most of my life (disabled from birth) thinking I wasn’t in dire enough straits to access any help facilities, in both school and general life. It’s only now that I’m my early 30s that I’ve realised that no matter how small I try to make my issue, if something is causing me any problems, then that’s exactly what people like those at Disability Services are there to help with! Learn from my mistakes; reach out for assistance now and try to set yourself up for the best possible outcomes!

Struggling along in studies, having problems with essays and exams etc., could be making things harder then they need to be, affecting your wellbeing. If you are able to, reach out to the people at Disability Services, Student Learning, or Student Health and Counselling Services — no issue is too small :)

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