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July 31, 2017 | by  | in PGSA |
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Postgrad Informer

Skip class not concealer

This was the marketing message behind a recent Benefit Cosmetics campaign which I stumbled across as it rapidly aggravated the #womeninstem community across the globe. I’ll admit, the first time I saw the ad I thought it was stupid because, a) who would actually miss class to put on concealer when they could sleep for an extra five minutes, and b) it wouldn’t have even been hard to turn the idea into a positive campaign message, for example running with the idea that using Benefit concealer was so easy you could sleep in and still make it to class. Nonetheless, the campaign is currently still active, and I stand firmly in the opinion that it’s damaging to the confidence of many women across the globe.

Women in science* are out there killing it on the daily, and they deserve to be respected whether they wear Timberlands or Louboutins, makeup or no makeup, fresh weave or yesterday’s braids (guilty). Personally, I have found myself surrounded by a strong network of women (and men) in science who have supported my journey every step of the way, regardless of whether I was head to toe in active-inactive-wear or dressed in a pantsuit. But not everyone is that lucky, or confident, or in possession of a strong enough IDGAF attitude, and these types of marketing campaigns which promote a negative attitude towards women who care about their appearance and their education need to be deemed unacceptable.

Beauty and brains are NOT mutually exclusive.

P.S. Any women involved in STEM should join us, “The STEM Squad” on Facebook.

*And business, and humanities, and arts, and home life, and everything because women are badass girlbosses 24/7.

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