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August 21, 2017 | by  | in V-ISA |
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Voice of V-ISA

What is the heaviest thing I’ve ever carried?

This was the question that plagued me on my way down one of Wellington’s many hills, possibly prompted by the 7kg bag of expensive textbooks on my back.

I thought about my own experiences, from canoes and tramping packs to the more commonplace — tables, chairs, groceries. I realised that nothing else I’ve ever carried compares to the weight of a waterfall.

If you have ever walked under a waterfall you’ll know what I mean. That crippling weight that slams onto your shoulders making your knees buckle. It’s too much. The only thing keeping you upright is the grip you have on the lifejacket in front of you as you walk the conga line passing through the fall, dragging you forward, under the waterfall and to the other side.

What started as an inane question in a mind ramble led to the strangest memory.

What inane questions are you going to find the answers to in your short time studying here? Because a decade from now what you treasure won’t be the meaning of standard deviation or the correlation coefficient, but the friends you make and the little things you remember like the taste of marmite scrolls.

We’ve paid to be here, to go to classes and learn, but as cliché as this sounds, your learning doesn’t end when you leave the lecture hall. As someone (I can’t for the life of me remember who) said “The world is my classroom and life my teacher.”

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He Tāonga

:   I wanted to write this piece, in order to connect to all tauira within the University, with the hope that we can all remind ourselves that we are a part of an environment which is valuable, no matter our culture, our beliefs or our skin colour. The ultimate purpose of this