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Anytime Library: People Do Know Things

Salient would like to offer a retraction of the piece titled “Anytime Library: Does Anyone Know Anything?” printed last Monday 12 March. It has since been discovered that someone does, in fact, know something.

In an email, Victoria University Communications told Salient “it would be great if [you] had asked us about the Anytime Library – or done a basic check on the library section of the University website…[it’s r]eally not that hard to find info about it if [you] had looked”. Fair play.

According to the library section of the Victoria University website, the Anytime Library – the library book lending machine located in the Easterfield lobby – has over 300 titles, “which you can borrow and then return using the return slot”. You must have a Wellington City Libraries’ card to utilise the machine.

Laurinda Thomas, a Libraries and Community Spaces Team Leader, said the Anytime Library has been used by around 40 people since it was installed in February.

Chris Pigott, another Libraries and Community Spaces Team Leader, has explained the installations as an attempt on the behalf of the City Library to “remain relevant”.

“A library is more than a building full of books. We are part of a dynamic modern environment that calls for adaptation with technology and increased accessibility.”

Thomas said that the Anytime Library aims to provide material complementary to that found in the Victoria University Library, offering texts on topics relevant to students such as budgeting, cooking, health, and adjusting to life as a student.

The Anytime Library was installed as a collaboration between Victoria University of Wellington and Wellington City Libraries, and is the first of its kind in New Zealand. A digital e-kiosk has also been installed at Wellington International Airport, providing access to over 40,000 eBooks and eAudio titles from the City Library’s digital database.

The Wellington City Council is eager to hear student feedback on the Anytime Library, which can be sent to

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