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March 5, 2018 | by  | in Editorial Opinion |
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Editor’s Letter

The cover is about you folk starting uni, by the way. It’s a visual metaphor.

I googled “jungle” so I could say something dire about our jungles dying out, but all that popped up was a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe and a British soul band. Turns out that no one uses “jungle” in the literal sense anymore. Is that a marker of the growing distance between humans and nature? Maybe people are just using other words, such as “rainforest” or “bush”, to refer of clumps of trees growing together instead.

My friend who works for the Green party was telling me about the “ban the plastic bags” petition read out in Parliament last Wednesday. “It was real cute,” she said. “There were kindergarten kids who drew pictures of turtles suffocating in plastic to give to Parliament, cos they didn’t know how to write.”

There’s about 8 million tons of plastic that goes into the ocean every year. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

I was listening to the AM show. Jacinda was on, and Duncan Garner was asking her if she was gonna ban the bag. She said that the government is finalising a strategy. Helen Clark came on and said that the government should act. She cut out when Duncan asked her why she didn’t ban them when she was in charge. The AM show hosts said that they personally don’t use plastic bags anymore. Not greenies. Just doing the right thing.

I remember when the “ban the bag” campaign first started. It was ages ago. I was in year 10 or something. It’s taken a while to get to this point, when “ban the bag” has the backing of mainstream media, and 65,000 signatures in a petition.

Plastic bags are just the beginning, really. We’re using plastic for pretty much everything and we’re gonna need to cut all that out at some point. But “ban the water bottle” will probably take another five years to get mainstream traction, never mind “ban the plastic fork” or even just plain old “ban the plastic”….

Poor turtles, suffocating in plastic. Poor jungle, regulated to the realm of mythical and imaginary.

I know I’m s’posed to tell you to buy a keep cup or some shite, but the reality is, you’re gonna buy a keep cup, use it a few times, then forget it. I don’t blame you, I’ve done exactly the same. Government regulation is much more effective than relying on the assiduous efforts and consciences of individuals.

Anyway kids, welcome to the first week of uni. It’ll be new and exciting for at least a few more weeks. Have fun. Stay healthy.

With love, your editor.

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