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Eye on Exec

There wasn’t a cat on the projector screen today.

Jacob and Jacob from the Engineering Club came in to talk. They wore matching hoodies. They want to become faculty representatives, instead of just a club. This idea was met with general approval.

Marlon said that O-week was “the best O-week I ever went to. People going hard but still looking out for themselves”. He moved to thank Beth, VUWSA’s Events Manager, and Tam, our Engagement Vice-President, for the hard work they’ve done, and also thanked the volunteers Morgan and Elliot.

Marlon met with Justin Lester, our Mayor. Marlon said Justin was “real cool, he’s so cool, he’s a cool man”. They talked about sexual violence, Don’t Guess the Yes, and Thursdays in Black.

Marlon talked about VUWSA’s stall in Newtown Festival. They handed out Raro there. Connor, our Clubs and Activities Officer, corrected him — it was Vitafresh, actually. Joseph, our Association Secretary, asked about calling the drink “VUWSA-ade”. “Wasn’t it VUWSA-fresh?” said Tam. “Reckon we’ll hold on that,” said Marlon. There were chuckles.

Matt, VUWSA’s CEO, talked about the challenging parts of O-Week. There was one noise complaint made to the Uni about the Hunter Lounge. But, overall, he said students were well behaved. “So different from last year, you’d think it was a whole different lot.”

Hannah, VUWSA’s Communications Advisor, made a special guest appearance to talk about the changing face of Comms. Facebook has changed their algorithms to deprioritize businesses and prioritize what friends and family “like”, so the 25,000 post reach that VUWSA is accustomed to has dropped to 5000. She suggested a budget shift to look at “sponsoring” Facebook posts. Matt mentioned that Facebook wants more money, and doesn’t like to give out free advertising. Hannah mentioned that Instagram is on the rise. That’s where the young people are at these days.

Matt mentioned that the eating competition he is hosting is no longer serving eyeballs because the eyeballs are too big. This announcement was met with expressions of relief. He’s going to give the eyeballs to Salient instead. “Why are we having an eating competition?” asked someone. “Because Matt wants to,” another person replied.

Jack, the Treasurer, noted that the van is not in a great state, and while it is still drivable, its value will depreciate quickly. They are buying a people-mover because it’s cheaper, easier to drive, and will fulfil the same functions as the van. The people-mover will also have the VUWSA logo. Jack commented that the current van “doesn’t look great for us as a vehicle”. Marlon agreed, saying it “makes people question our legitimacy”. Connor mentioned “when we offer people lifts… they think we’re unsavoury sorts”. VUWSA voted to buy an eight seat people-mover to replace our van, thus ending VUWSA’s long and fascinating history of van ownership.

Beth, our Events Manager, talked about an upcoming rally VUWSA is planning, in conjunction with Victoria University Feminist Organization and Victoria University Law Society. “Can’t wait, love a good rally, when was the last time we did a rally?” said Marlon. Hannah said “we usually only do well orchestrated campaigns”. The dress code black, said Ella. You won’t be allowed to attend if you’re not wearing black. But you will.

Marlon mentioned that the Ngāi Tauira Memorandum of Understanding needs updating, since some clauses were outdated. For example, VUWSA’s financial commitments to Ngāi Tauira are impossible post Voluntary Student Membership (VSM). VSM is when, in 2012, all student association memberships in NZ became voluntary, and student associations have been broke ever since.

Simran passed a motion to wish Connor a happy 22nd birthday. Marlon passed a motion to wish me a happy birthday retroactively.

The Chat in the Hat began when Ella surreptitiously took off her ladybug beanie, with a 3D ladybug face and pompom tassels, and began passing it around during General Business for people to put in chat topics. Marlon performed the ceremonial chat-drawing. The topic for discussion was “Black Forest chocolate at exec meetings”. Connor said he was “allergic to Black Forest”. Jack was “on board”. Ella was “keen”. Tam asked about the “Biscuit and Berry” flavour. There was some discussion about the potential merits of dark chocolate. Simran suggested the 52% dark, “the least dark while still being dark”. Someone raised the possibility of having different flavours of chocolate. When asked, Geo, our Campaigns Officer, said he was on the fence about chocolate. General consternation ensued. There was no vote passed.

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