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Expect to feel a little restless and unfulfilled this week, but the waning moon makes now a good time to tie loose ends and finish anything you’re unsure of, such as relationships or creative projects. Trust your instincts and pay attention to your dreams. Wear green and blue to help tap into your subconscious knowledge and psychic abilities.


You’ll find yourself wanting to see the best in everyone this week, which will be useful if you have any long-lasting resentment that you need to let go of. Now is a good time to address conflicts or personal grievances in a mature way. Avoid burned foods, eat lots of fruit.


You may feel emotionally taxed this week, after Venus and Mercury leave Pisces on Wednesday. Be wary of who you fall in love with. Your friends are doing you more good than you realise. You may need to sleep a little more than usual. Take naps if you need them. Buy yourself roses and leave one on the mantelpiece.


Recently you’ve grown a little more patient with others, but you’ll likely be feeling a little frustrated after a creatively stagnant period. Don’t wallow over this too much, as your subconscious is cooking up something exciting, and it’s likely to come to fruition after Wednesday. Tune into your strong ability to read people, quietly guess people’s favourite colours when you meet them. Pay attention to the conversations you overhear on the bus.


Your imagination will be running ahead of you this week and you may feel drawn to conflict. Although it’s best to avoid hasty decisions, agreements, or confessions of hatred, don’t shy away from your sudden bursts of inspiration. Let your daily routine become a little more fluid, reschedule appointments if you feel that it’s necessary. Forget what your mother told you, sugar will do your psyche good this week.


Your judgement may be unclear and impulsive, overstimulation will affect your clarity and your head will feel all over the place. Be wary of reacting to this in ways that may hurt those around you. It’s important you constantly keep yourself in check. Drink plenty of water and avoid too much caffeine.


Be grateful for what you have and avoid stewing over what you don’t, you’ll likely start feeling a little more complete towards the end of the week. Timing and communication are a bit out of whack and conflict is likely. Allow yourself to rest and think about your coping mechanisms. Drowning your sorrows has never worked for anyone long term, but a wine or two this week will serve you well.


Expect to feel as though your values are in conflict with those you usually see as kindred spirits in the first half of the week. Mars may fuel a desire for retail therapy, but commodity fetishism isn’t the answer to your woes, sweet Scorpio. Tune in to what’s going on around you, and be observant of the wrongdoings of others.


Romanticising the past and glorifying unhealthy lifestyle choices and mental states will only wear you down. Saturn’s interaction with the sun will make you driven to get on top of things financially and sort your shit out in general. Take advantage of this for the beginning of your university year. Put fresh sheets on your bed, buy a nice pen and write something pseudo-inspirational on a toilet cubicle wall.


Urges to blurt out things you don’t really mean, or agree to things you don’t really want, may seem like appealing remedies to your boredom. It’s better that you keep to yourself, get a book out from the library, or watch a film or two. The waning moon will bring a sense of calm. Go for a swim or paint your nails silver.


The impulses fuelled by your multifaceted and incredibly psychic nature are more likely to serve you kindly and lead to exciting outcomes this week. Let your dissatisfaction drive you to be more creative and innovative. Dancing alone and wearing bright clothes will be beneficial over the next few days.


Be careful not to burn yourself out when trying to be the life of the party on Wednesday night, as you are easily exhausted emotionally. Be wary of confusing short lived sexual impulses for more meaningful romantic ones. Perhaps try synchronised swimming, or just invest in a vibrator.

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