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Wholesome Soup

Serves two

Usually after a few days of gorging meat and bread, I feel like I’ve fallen into five-a-day debt that even Berocca can’t save me from. This is a cheap and tasty soup that sneaks in some good veg. I can usually make this last for a dinner and a couple of lunches, but it can also be cooked out a bit longer and turned into pasta sauce. This is great to make while fresh tomatoes are cheap. You can always use canned to fill it out but fresh is best.


1/2 a capsicum ($0.75)

4 medium tomatoes ($1.0)

1 onion ($0.30)

3 cloves of garlic ($0.10)

Splash of oil (<$0.05)

Pinch of salt and pepper(<$0.05)

3 pinches of paprika ($0.05)

3 pinches of rosemary ($0.05 or have a look around your neighborhood and take the pinch literally)

1 can of tomatoes ($1.0)


2 Sausages ($2.50)

Or 1 can of chickpeas ($2.0)


Dice the onion and capsicum into small chunks, and cook them on medium heat in a pot with a splash of oil until the onions become translucent and the capsicum begins to smell sweet. Then add the crushed garlic, paprika, and rosemary. Either turn the heat down or watch the garlic, you don’t want it to burn and taste bitter. While these are cooking, quarter some tomatoes and put them in the pot too. When they start to fall apart, crack some pepper and sprinkle some salt into the vegetables. Add the can of tomatoes and place a lid on the pot. If this is kept at a low temperature and regularly stirred none of the ingredients will burn. It can stay like this for several hours, a long cooking time helps develop the flavors better. Add some water if it needs it, but be conservative. If you like your soups chunky, leave it how it is. If you’re a fan of smooth soups, wait for it to cool, and then run it through a food processor or use a blender. At this point the recipe is vegetarian and vegan.

To add meat to the soup, slice a lightly fried sausage into several rounds (like thick coins of meat). Fry the circular ends brown so they don’t fall apart in the soup. Add this to the soup before you add the can of tomatoes. If you leave the sausages in there for 30 mins they are guaranteed to be cooked properly.

If you’re looking for protein but you’re not about consuming animal flesh, drain a can of chickpeas and add them the same way you would add sausages.

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