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April 9, 2018 | by  | in Editorial Opinion |
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Editor’s Letter

You know how sometimes you can feel stuck in a place? Not physically, but like, mindset. The people you meet, the places you go, always the same, and then the minute struggles within that small part of the world become all that matter. High school was like that. Looking back, it seemed ridiculous, but at the same time, perfectly reasonable, that we cared so much about what now seem like trivialities.

It’s kind of a hard feeling to describe. Another way of putting it… ok, so, I’ve had this dream. I’m flying. I go up towards the sky, and find out that I can’t leave — I’m actually in a room and the stars have been painted on the ceiling. (I might have just watched The Truman Show at that time). Like that, you know? That tickling feeling at the back of your mind that there’s a whole world out there, but you can’t quite see it or get to it.

Being enveloped in a place or situation is super easy to do. Your world is only ever as wide as what you’re aware of.

I went tramping over Easter and it was great for a number of reasons, but one of them is that it got me out of that stuck-ness. Bush, skies, blasting rain, and the meditation of walking. Warm crowded huts at night. I imagined myself as a Lord of the Rings character. I thought about dreams instead of politics.

Back in town, Parliament has voted to wipe out historic convictions of homosexuality. Fentanyl’s been found in New Zealand. Living Wage has gone up to $20.55 after a series of very complicated calculations. RAs have had their training reduced and rents raised. Nurses are voting if they should go on strike. Noodle salads at the Lab, and the Krishna lunch, have both gone up by a dollar, and the bread in our flat has gone mouldy again. Kii has gotten it into his head to play Christmas songs and I’m sitting here listening to Little Drummer Boy, feeling the sun burn into my forearms, anxiously anticipating the 6pm print deadline… and so it goes.

I hope you all do good with your assignments. Deadlines are stressful, being judged based on your writing/thinking merit is stressful… uh I can’t say anything more helpful than that sorry, except that it’ll soon be over. Everything, both good and bad, will be over, and you’ll just be on to the next thing, the next set of reality.

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