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April 9, 2018 | by  | in Arts TV |
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One Day at a Time


Okay, three things:

  1. We’re coming up on the first round of assignment season and some healthy procrastination may or may not go amiss.
  2. You probably have access to a Netflix account, whether it’s through your flat, some rando on the other side of the world, or your ex-boyfriend’s cousin’s mechanic’s. I think I have like seven people on mine, leeching bastards.
  3. You can never have too many good vibes in your life.

So, in light of these three things, it’s time you finally got around to watching that Netflix original show that popped up once, a while ago, but it wasn’t Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, or a Marvel product, so you didn’t watch it. Fair. I hear you. I was in the same position, which is why you should trust me on this. Add it to your list: One Day at a Time.

The show centres on Penelope Alvarez (Justina Muchado), a Cuban-American veteran living in Los Angeles without her husband, who she is divorcing. Her two teenage kids, Elena and Alex, are still at home, where they live in the same building as their weird landlord Schneider (first name redacted) who imagines himself as part of the family. But the show is stolen by Penelope’s mother Lydia, who also lives with her, played by the amazing, EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award winning), Rita Moreno. You have not lived until you see Rita Moreno’s character classify herself as dramatic. The pulling of curtains is involved.

This show is just simply delightful. I can’t tell you how often it put a smile on my face — I even caught myself laughing through happy tears! This family loves each other, and they say so. They support each other through all of the hijinks they get caught up in. They are cosy and at ease with each other. It’s just lovely.

One Day at a Time touches on a lot of relevant themes — Penelope has struggles with post traumatic stress and getting equal pay at her job, Elena is a climate warrior, and the family are constantly facing the challenges that come with being a Cuban-American family in the current political climate of the USA. But in spite of all that, this show is like a hug that leaves you feeling so fulfilled and satisfied you feel like you could go out and conquer the world.

It’s a great binge watch, or you know, you could watch it one day at a time (sorry, the pun fruit was just too low hanging!) Besides, are you going home for mid-tri break (those of us that get one)? Because this is also a perfect recommendation for your family – your grandma will love Rita Moreno! How often do you come across TV you’d actually want to watch with your grandmother?

So tuck yourself in, get ready to feel the love, and join the Alvarezs One Day at a Time.

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