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April 9, 2018 | by  | in Opinion VUWSA |
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Kia ora, mabuhay, salut (I still have at least five more ways of saying that)! I am Geo, your campaigns officer. No I am not studying geography or geology (I am doing a conjoint LLB/BA in International Relations & Political Science) nor am I named after the Earth (okay that was corny). Kids in the Philippines — where I’m from — love giving themselves nicknames, especially when you share the same name with ten other people. That hasn’t been much of an issue since I moved to New Zealand in 2013, but the name has stuck.

As the oldest member of the VUWSA student executive (I’m already 30, but not ready to call myself a “mature” student just yet), I bring to VUWSA and VUW years of experience campaigning – thirteen to be exact. But I find there’s always more things to learn and more people to learn from.

2017 saw two successful student-led campaigns – Fairer Fares, which we will still be working on during its implementation in July this year, and We Have Power, our general election campaign. With these now wrapping up, this year is an opportunity to take a fresh look at what our student campaigns look like for 2018. With a new government in place, I have a feeling that issues important to students are going to get more attention, particularly issues like tenancy and mental health.

So I would love to hear from you guys! A campaign’s success is dependent on the people behind it, and I’m pretty sure the awesome people of Vic have ideas on what they want VUWSA to really push for. If you love campaigning and organising and are passionate about certain issues, let’s have a yarn, could be over some beersies at Hunter Lounge or over splendid coffee courtesy of the awesome people of The Lab (no this is not a paid advert, I just love those guys!). Hit me up at

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