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The Party Line

Is the Government’s policy to accept 1500 refugees per year enough or too little? Does your party believe New Zealand has the resources to accept more?

Greens at Vic 
More people are displaced around the world right now than at any time since World War II. 65.6 million people are displaced from their homes; 22.5 million of those people are refugees.
Meanwhile, Aotearoa takes in 0.3 refugees per 1,000 people who live here. By comparison, Australia takes in 1.58 per 1,000 people — more than fives times our quota. Australia is not exactly known for treating refugees well! Denmark takes in ten times as many refugees as us per 1,000 citizens, Canada 14 times, and Sweden a staggering 47 times as many as Aotearoa. The weakness of our effort to help the world’s most vulnerable people is utterly damning.
The Green Party want to increase the quota to take in 5,000 refugees per year by 2023. Our policy is far more significant than the 1,500 per year quota the Government are proposing. As the world experiences a shocking refugee crisis, we believe that catching up to match Australia’s refugee quota is the absolute least Aotearoa can do.
– Elliot Crossan

ACT on Campus
Act recognises the importance of accepting refugees. New Zealand can do more in this field we need to be looking to increase our refugee quota over the coming years and ensuring that we have the facilities and programs in place to help them with the adjustment period. I think if we have the capacity to help vulnerable people especially children then we should do all we can. David Seymour is doing all hecan on Dancing with the Stars to help out vulnerable children in our own backyard. His wardrobe choices may be questionable but his charity Kidsline is desperate for donations so feel free to go to their website and donate, or text David to 3333 to keep him in the competition and give to a charity that is helping so many.

– James Allan


By all means New Zealand should accept more refugees where possible. Vic Labour strongly supports Labour’s efforts and policy to double the refugee quota from in 2016. Under the previous govt this was set at 750.
We have a worldwide refugee crisis on our hands. Where possible, NZ should to take more refugees than the set quota — though a larger quota will put a strain on resettlement services. There is also a need for significant increases in funding to other NGOs and resettlement services. As the quota doubles this coming year, the Family Reunification Category will also be increased.

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