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May 21, 2018 | by  | in Music |
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Throwback T-Swizzle: Speak Now

Taylor Swift: country music star turned pop princess, turned media controversy, turned dead, came back to life as… a snake queen? Bad-Ass Bitch? Culturally and sonically black-appropriating white girl? Maybe all of this is true, maybe none of it is. But the fact is, you know her, and you cannot escape her nor her music. So, she must be doing something right.

Today I shall review one of my favourite albums of hers, arguably the ultimate favourite: Speak Now. Ahhhh, what can I say about old school Taylor Swift, one of my greatest musical loves of all. Her Speak Now album just reinvigorates my inner Stan and passion. SHE WROTE THIS ENTIRE ALBUM BY HERSELF PEOPLE (“If This Was a Movie” is a bonus track and doesn’t count okay). AND EVERY SONG IS GOOD… Yes, even “Dear John”, do not @ me. But that’s just my humble opinion. Swift even co-produced this entire album with only one other person, Nathan Chapman.
Even without knowing she was the sole writer of each and every song, there is just such uniqueness to her lyrics, you just know every song is and was 100% authentic Taylor Swift. Many of the sides of Taylor that we love seem to be covered in the album. The dreaming, wide eyed ingenue in “Mine”, the regretful lover in “Back to December”, the anxious, lovesick, manic pixie dream girl in “Enchanted” (my favourite), dramatically crushed ex-lover in “Dear John”, shady mean girl in “Better Than Revenge”, and uplifting sovereign of Swifities in “Long Live”. There are also tinges of the Taylor the sexual being in “Sparks Fly”, and post-punk rebel teenager in “Haunted”, that deserve a shout out. Taylor Swift seems to have mastered the art of sonically mimicking her emotions in song, and I am living for it.
While there are definitely more sides to Taylor Swift, both in real life and in the album, the heightened drama around each of these sides is exactly what we have come to love. Speak Now does what it sets out to do. It delivers hits that I am still not sick of after 8 years.
So, in conclusion, yes, even though Taylor Swift hates the word, she really is THAT BITCH.

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