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June 5, 2018 | by  | in Film |
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You’re Allowed to Watch Shit Films

Hey fam, you’re allowed to watch shit films. I know, as a film writer, I should be shilling for the newest film that any old white dude with a good reputation has got coming out. It’s only sensible. Lars Von Trier’s got a new film out! Let’s all watch that! He’s a genius, an incredible filmmaker, and we should totally ignore the shadiness in his past because he’s good at framing shots, or something. Fuck that.
You’re allowed to watch films that make you happy. Doesn’t matter if they’re bad, doesn’t matter if they’re shot terribly, if you like them, watch them.
I loved Ghostbusters (2016). I saw it five times in the theatre, and I was very close to seeing it for a sixth. I know my predecessor here at Salient would probably have a coronary upon reading those words — considering the scathing review he gave it at the time — but I loved it. What’s better than a badass friendship, awesome women, and a rad soundtrack? Nothing! Was it the best film of the year? No way in hell! Did it have plot holes? Yeah! But did I enjoy it? Absolutely.

There’s nothing wrong with sitting back and watching something that you like. World War Z was raked over the coals by critics, but it’s one of my favourite films. Same with The Boat that Rocked.
Sure, there’s beauty in efficacy, in perfectly framed shots, and in arté filmés, but there’s joy in watching things that feel comforting, movies that allow you to sink back and relax in the glorious warmth of familiarity. These movies don’t necessarily have to be good, though. We don’t need to constantly strive to find the best pieces of art and cast the things that make us feel happy to the wayside.
Life’s too short to care about what film critics say, anyway.

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