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It’s Vital Activism, Brent

A new group called KABET United has been started by Karen Smith, who says that she “is sick of [her] name being used as a punchline”. KABET stands for Karen, Anna, Brent, Evan, and Tiffany, though Smith is also open to people with other names.
“I’m not homophobic or racist,” said Evan Smythe, another member of the group. “I don’t want my name associated with that.”
The group’s mission is to join forces to combat inappropriate and extraneous uses of their names. “There are better joke formats,” Smith explained. “You don’t need my name to be funny. Try to think before you speak.”
KABET United currently only has a Wellington chapter, but they dream of more. “There are lots of people using in the name of KABETs in vain in the US,” said Tiffany Smithe, KABET’s secretary. “Once we’ve started to make inroads here, hopefully we can expand and tackle the root of the problem.”

The problem largely seems to be hurt feelings. “I can’t believe that people make assumptions about whole groups of people merely based on superficial facts,” said Anna Schmith.
“It’s almost like discrimination.”
KABET hopes to advocate themselves into obsolescence, knowing that their efforts to quell this joke format will not spur it on. “That’s the way it is, Shanti,” said Smith.

*Disclaimer: This is shit news*

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