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Presidential Address

We’re absolutely whizzing into semester 2, and what a semester it’s proving to be. The exec has put many hours into planning the next couple of months, and we’re excited to be getting started. Here’s a very narrow update of the mahi.
After the March on Midland, we established a working group of five law students, led by our awesome equity officer Paddy Miller, to create a proposal for the usage of Government procurement policy as a tool for social change. In simple terms, proposing better rules that businesses need to follow in order to work with Government and receive public funding. The core part of this would be a requirement of good sexual harassment practice within businesses. Fair enough ay? We heard back from the Minister David Parker who had a very favourable response, and is keen for us to communicate further with his ministry. Chur boss.
NZUSA released the Kei Te Pai? report a couple of weeks ago, a piece of research detailing the reality of tertiary students’ mental health. If you’ve got the time give it a read, otherwise I can say that it really just confirms a lot of what we already know. My big takeaway from the report is that based on many of the comments, we have a strong sense of empathy in our community. There is a lot of genuine concern for one another. If you’re a bit worried about a mate, why not give them a tap on the shoulder and ask how they are? And not the kiwi “howsit” “yeah good mate” response, a proper “how have you been handling stuff?” They might be fine, or they might need a shoulder to cry on. Either way, I guarantee you will make their day.
VUWSA will be taking some further action in student mental health in the near future so if you’re keen to get involved flick us an email, otherwise just keep your ear to the streets and your eye on our FB page.

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