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July 30, 2018 | by  | in The F Word |
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The “F” Word

In Defence of Ariel.
My brain has been fried the past couple days (a cold + stress + cramps = not a great time), and so when I got reminded that I needed to write one of these, I wasn’t sure what to do. I brainstormed for a couple hours (I say brainstormed… I mean I drew a cloud with some arrows and then watched Shane Dawson videos) but came up with nada. Eventually, frustrated with my lack of progress, I went to the common to procrastinate find inspiration. I was welcomed by my floormates-turned-choir, midway through a pitchy rendition of “Where the People Are”. I joined in, naturally, and then, having found my inspiration, got writing.
Which brings me to Ariel, the first in a list of Disney Princesses I’m aggressively protective of.
I feel like the older Disney Princesses get a lot of flack, nowadays. Unlike our Moanas and Meridas, the OGs conform more to traditional femininity and gender roles. They get called “damsels” and “unfeminist”.
Ariel especially gets a lot of shit. Namely, because her story hinges on her ditching her life under the sea for some random dude she has never met.
Which fair enough, except she doesn’t. Not really. Eric was never the catalyst of her story — in fact, it is only when her asshole dad blows up all her shit (sorry, gadgets and gizmos) up that she decides to leave. Hot-guy was an incentive, sure, but Ariel was, above all, just another teenager dreaming of life outside her small town (… ocean). Maybe it’s because I  myself grew up in a place that felt somewhat limiting, but Ariel, for all her whininess, is one of the most realistic and relatable characters Disney has to offer. She craves adventure, and unlike me, is actually  brave enough to chase her dreams, and defy authority to achieve her goals.
And if that’s not damn inspiring, well fuck, I’m hooked anyway.

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