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October 15, 2018 | by  | in Editorial |
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Editor’s Letter

It’s my last editorial for Salient ever. Crazy huh, it’s already been a year. Someone told me once that you experience time as a proportion of the number of years you have lived, and even though I have absolutely nothing to back it up with I’m gonna keep repeating this statement to everyone I know because it makes sense to me.
I’m excited to announce to you all the 2019 Salient editors – Taylor Galmiche and Kii Small. Taylor took over as News Editor at the start of Tri 2. Chucked in the deep end, she’s done a stellar job at keeping her shit together in what must have been some crazy chaotic waters. Kii’s been one of our radio managers this year, and in addition to keeping the station afloat with far too much work for far too little pay, he also managed to find the time to write us a bunch of features and shit news. Salient’s blessed to have the two of you. Next year’s gonna be a good one.
A massive thank you to all our writers, volunteers, and everyone else in between. Salient, quite literally, would not exist without you. All you section editors, columnists, crossword gurus, horoscope writers — some of whom I’ve never actually met in person — your reliability and constant quality content is what keeps us ticking along. All you writers who bared your soul on the page, gotten into sticky situations for the sake of writing, stayed up til early hours getting shit done, crammed us in between assignments and work, stressed, cared, took part — thank you.
Well, I’m out. Bye, sending you all good vibes. Here’s Kii and Taylor here to say hello.

-Louise Lin

I’m Kii, the big kid from Kaitaia that has his name mispronounced more than the word “GIF”. This year I managed Salient FM and I’ve written a few feature articles for Salient like “Why I Gotta Be Misogynistic”, “Denim Overalls are my One Weakness” and the writing on the bathroom walls that ask you the deepest “would you rather” questions. Last night I made tiramisu for dinner, and I often forget to eat breakfast before 10AM. Four years ago I came into Salient on the back of charisma and a fake mixtape, and they still haven’t noticed that I’m not meant to be here.
And I’m Taylor, an uprooted New Orleans girl questioning the validity of VooDoo, vegan baked goods, and twerking (I rate two of the three). I entered the Salient game mid 2018. I’ve edited your news section, and learned a lot about Vic in the process. Y’all deal with a lot of shit, and I hope that Kii and I can make Salient a safe place for your own civil discourse and paces to self-actualisation. Love yourself this summer. Spend some time with humans (and dogs) that make you want to be your best self.
This year, we’ve teamed up to bring you Salient Mag in 2019.
Interested in a paid editorial role? We’ve got heaps. We need a sub, a news and a few section (film, podcast, etc) editors for 2019. We’re also looking for three feature writers to bring in the academic year with a bang. Flick us an email at

-Taylor Galmiche and Kii Small

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