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October 15, 2018 | by  | in VUWSA |
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Well, well, well. Look who gets the last word. Now you all have to indulge me in being nostalgic, as I have my last stretch of VUWSA ahead of me. So before tumbling off, I’d like to prematurely reminisce about some of my favourite things about working at VUWSA:
– I’m 90% guaranteed to have someone ask me if I want a cuppa tea if I come into the office. So thoughtful, I love tea!
– Getting to meet all the students who are working on making their communities better, who aren’t being paid, they just care a bunch. “Students are apathetic”, my ass.
– Yarns with our fabulous staff, who work so hard, and who we wish we could pay more.
– Bringing my gem of a little brother along to just about every VUWSA event and him absolutely killin’ it taking off Thursdays in Black at Massey with such thought, pizzazz and love.
– Having a computer to use in the office means I don’t need to battle other students in the library for one.
Doing many ridiculous things. I have painted penises to go on a penis archway. Played “pin the clit on the vulva”. Set up Connor on a blind on-air date. Got up at 4.30am to black-out the entire window opposite Louis. Decided which sex toys should be given to the writers of the best erotica. And as Wellbeing Sustainability Officer, I had to dive into bins which had been mysteriously filled with cabbages.
Last but not least, our wee welfare team are generally a delight. Ella and Paddy — you are both so reliable, smart, kind, and beautiful inside and out. And the rest of the exec… you’re alright too ;)
I feel very lucky to have been part of VUWSA. It’s the best, but most bizarre, job I’ve had. And while I’m reminiscing, how about you do the same! It feels nice to think about why you’re grateful. Come on, bet you can think of at least one thing. And if ya can’t, no worries, next year will surely turn out better <3

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