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March 11, 2019 | by  | in Dream Diagnosis |
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Dream Diagnosis – You Are What Trim

DREAM: Dreamt I trimmed my pubes which blocked the shower drain and flooded the house, dream diagnoser pls interpret.

Dear dreamer,

This dream shows, mostly, a lack of imagination. A near-dead subconscious. Causation is the focus here. You’re repressing or dwelling on parts of your life—the hidden parts, the parts below the belt.  

The fact you don’t mention what tools were used in the trimming, or the shower’s location in the house, shows a dreamer who doesn’t care for details. That’s not intended entirely as an insult. Mostly, it shows that location and specifics aren’t important, that the general here is greater than the particularmaybe more so than even you realised.

Had you gone into detail, we might have gotten somewhere, but dreamer: we don’t know if the cutting hurt; if you used nail scissors or sheep clippers. We don’t know if it was a flurry of little hairs or one thick clump. You were too good, too busy, to provide any detail.

I hate to say it, but a few of your pubes flooding a house speaks mountains about a clearly inflated self-worth. You envision flatmates spilling out of their bedrooms pointing their fingers at you. No doubt you stand there absolutely guilty, wet scissors in hand, somehow victorious, undoubtedly smug from all the attention.

It comes back to a certain worry you harbour, a worry about all those little decisions you’re making every day. You fear these little stop signs on the road towards death because you don’t know how to brake. You just keep chopping the coarse hair, you can’t slow down, and it’s this manic lifestyle, that’s bursting throughyou fear you’ll reach a point where the consequences are so great you won’t be able to cope. You fear flooding the house. But even as you’re descending into the abyss, you like the thrill, and you like to let people know.

Stop wasting my time or send me something worth diagnosing.


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