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March 4, 2019 | by  | in Editorial |
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Editorial: Lost

Now that we’re done with O-Week, we can get into the nitty gritty of university: 11 a.m. sleep-ins, awkward tutorial icebreakers, and the university putting raw chicken on your plate. “It’s fine.”

As we mentioned last week, university is the perfect place for you to question the surroundings in which you are educated. If lecturers are teaching you that sex is horrific, and alcohol is holy water, then you should definitely question whether Vic should really be employing a religious fanatic who’s been banned from three churches in the Wellington area. This week (and the next 52) will teach you to question the very foundations of your knowledge.

Maybe your parents don’t know what the fuck they’re on about when it comes to love.
Maybe the dude that works at the chip shop down the road has all the answers to a happy life.
Maybe the university knows the library elevator hasn’t worked for two years and just plainly doesn’t give a fuck??

Last year, Facebook was called out for distributing personal information to Netflix and Spotify.

Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual assault after allegations from 30 unnamed individuals. Salient called out Boulcott Hall for serving raw chicken to first-year students (Google “boulcott salient” for more info).
What’s the shared motive here? If no one had called out Facebook, Spacey, or Victoria University, this knowledge would have been swept under the rug—along with Hollywood sex scandals and Te Tiriti o Waitangi.  

Question everything and everyone. Your lecturers were students, once upon a time. Some of your classmates will one day be lecturers. Take nothing for granted, and assume no chair is stable. Just like the economy in ‘08, the structures you have relied on ever since you squeezed out of your momma’s birth canal can change tide or collapse in a moment.
If everything fell apart at the last minute, would you know how to put it back together? Or would you feel lost in chaotic clutter?

At some point this year, you’ll find yourself lost or flipped on your head. Whether it’s trying to find KKLT301 for your lecture, feeling homesick in the middle of Cuba Street, or reevaluating your thoughts on soy milk—the feeling cannot be described in words. We, at Salient, have felt your pain. If you resonate with this feeling today, you should check out Preyanka’s feature about homelessness, questionable landlords, and being out of your comfort zone on page 26.

Miami, Amsterdam, Tokyo, or Spain—we hope that wherever you feel lost, emotionally and/or physically, you don’t end up at Massey University.


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