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Local Anti-Vaxxer “Shocked” After Dying of Measles


A prominent Auckland-based anti-vaxxer has died of measles, after contracting it from her unvaccinated child.

Karen Smith, 42, had been an anti-vaxxer for the entirety of her life. Talking to Salient through a ouija board, Smith said, “I took my son James to a measles party in my leafy suburb. He got measles, and wasn’t very happy about it, but recovered after three weeks. I wasn’t so lucky.”


Karen found herself getting a rash mere days after her child got the disease.

“I thought it was just an unintended side effect of my kale and rose quartz cleanse, but the spots wouldn’t go away. I tried everything.”


She even approached local Facebook groups about the topic, who suggested a variety of ways to make the rash disappear, including detox diets, bezoars and urine therapy.


A colleague, who sat near Karen at her workplace, said that she kept on coming into work, even when, “she’d broken out into bright red spots,” and appeared more delirious than usual.


“I tried to talk to her about it, to get her to go and see a doctor or something, but she just wouldn’t listen. I worked at home for the rest of the week because I was afraid of catching it myself.”


The local District Health Board (DHB) is tracking a spate of measles-related cases around Remuera and Meadowbank. A spokesman stresses the importance of getting the measles vaccine, if unvaccinated, and “seeking professional help when ill or considering becoming an anti-vaxxer”.


Karen now resides in the afterlife, and enjoys making long-distance phone calls. She still thinks vaccines cause autism.

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