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September 15, 2019 | by  | in Editorial |
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We Don’t Do Vegetables

An issue on the status quo. We wanted to focus on the idea that the current state of things are to be maintained. What has been, will always be. Default is much the same. The grey, the emotionless smile, the pre-existing Player 1 logic.


Usually, these editorials throw shots at Massey or Critic, but this week, I’ll be real with you. When I started here, Salient’s status quo was a middle-to-upper class elitist liberal group that liked to scream into the pages at people who didn’t exist. It was cold in this office, and you could tell that through the pages. You had to be a part of the status quo to even get onto the cold pages.

I hated every aspect of it, because I couldn’t change it.


Forget the regular narrative you’ve heard from this magazine. Before you challenge the status quo, understand it. Getting angry at something you don’t understand is as good as leaving a one-star Google review of Martinborough when all you did was stay in a motel and got goon drunk.


The VUWSA elections were two weeks ago. I’ll be honest, these editorials aren’t often on VUWSA, because they don’t need the extra space. Nothing they ever did throughout my time at university really affected my wellbeing, but maybe I didn’t try to get out enough.

The candidates at the forum confused me. Some of them got on stage and lied about who they spoke to in confirming their policies. Some of them called out VUWSA for being inactive on issues they were, in fact, active on. Claiming they were going to start initiatives VUWSA had already been doing, albeit poorly. If they in fact wrote their own blurbs/speeches, I wouldn’t even let them write the obituaries next week.


I’d be worried if I cared about the future of VUWSA, but I don’t. I don’t carry a 26K deficit, so I don’t need to feel it. In true slavemaster fashion, Salient will feel every dollar of that deficit, as if it were our fault. I’m not angry at these candidates though, because this is a space I’ve never occupied and will never fully understand. I can’t be mad at the sustainability group at the fact they want a themed issue to guest-edit. You can let them know that if they’d had their shit together in Week 5, they could have worked on the Environment issue.

Much like myself in second-year, and much like your VUWSA candidates for 2020, we encourage you to understand the status quo. Whatever it may be—don’t automatically get angry at it. Pay attention to the spaces you want to change, and study its inner workings.


And don’t DM me on Friday night scared I might write an editorial about you. My designer would never let me waste the paper.

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