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    Free West Papua

    22 May 2017: The campaign for West Papuan independence has built up momentum in New Zealand following a visit by Benny Wenda, International Spokesman for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua.

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    Students Belittled When Seeking Sexual Health Services

    22 May 2017: VUW’s Student Health Service has left a number of students feeling “belittled” and “confused.” While students’ experiences are “usually positive,” some have reported inappropriate or inaccurate advice regarding sexual health.

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    ‘Kaupapa Prisons’ Met With Backlash

    22 May 2017: Recently Labour MP and Corrections spokesperson Kelvin Davis proposed developing a prison run according to Māori values to address the over-representation of Māori in prison statistics. However, the proposal has been met with backlash from criminal justice organisations such as

  • Free West Papua

    The campaign for West Papuan independence has built up momentum in New Zealand following a visit by Benny Wenda, International Spokesman for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua.


  • Issue 10, 2017

    Issue 10


    We Can’t Take It for Granted: Academic Freedom in Hungary

    Academic freedom is under attack in Hungary, where a new law could see the closure of a prominent independent institution, the Central European University (CEU). On April 4, the Hungarian parliament passed a motion to regulate the country’s 28 foreign universities by requiring them to have a campus or offer courses in their country of […]


  • DAN

    Going Bush: Journeys Beyond Scene

    “Their hobnail boots clattered and struck up sparks from the pavement, while their waterproof ‘slickers’ stank of linseed oil and stale woodsmoke… Tramping men were disdained as members of the ‘The Great Unwashed’, while females were viewed with open suspicion, snubbed, and given a wide berth on public transport.” — Tony Nolan, Tararua Tramping Club […]


  • ANON

    Into the Borderlands

    SOUTH COAST, Wellington — Hot as all hell. A 4WD roars by and the plume of dust stings in the light wind. We’ve been dropped just short of the Devil’s Gate, a kilometre or so from the Red Rocks carpark, and our packs are lined up at the base of the cliffs that were quarried […]


  • Issue 9, 2017

    Issue 09

  • emma

    Don’t Worry, I Feel It Too

    The astronaut learns to breathe at a certain pace. If you breathe too quickly, they say, you will use up too much air and all the oxygen will thin out around you. Your helmet will fog up and then all the stars will disappear into clouds. He learns not to cry, too. If you cry, […]


  • dankelly

    Man on the Street: The Poetical World of David Merritt

    On the day I contacted David about this interview he was attacked. A woman he knew from his time in Auckland, a semi-regular visitor to the bench on K’ Road where he had plied his trade for five years, had appeared in Nelson. She was unwell, seemed troubled. David gave her cigarettes and money for […]


  • be-brave

    To Be Brave and Imaginative: Transforming our Constitution

    Say a word enough times and it starts to lose its meaning, and just becomes sound. The word “constitution” is the opposite, where it’s hardly heard and is so alien that it too is just sound. In an attempt to give meaning to this word, we ask — what is a constitution? Two esteemed constitutional […]


  • Issue 8, 2017

    Issue 08

  • comedy

    In Which Two People Lose All Hope

    There is something symbolic, perhaps poetic, about comedy shows. A place people come to for no other point than to laugh. And in these trying times, perhaps a bit of comedy would be just the ticket. But I am not a person who goes to specific places to laugh. I find humour in the small […]


  • young-adult

    Young Adult Fiction

    “There isn’t like… oh honey I would love to live with you but I make more money than you right now so it won’t create a good situation… like there’s none of that adult taxes shit.” — Mitski on young adult romance novels   My uncle once bought me Twilight as a Christmas gift. I […]


  • mike

    I Understand Nothing

    “I understand nothing,” Ivan Karamazov says to the angelic Alyosha, “and I don’t want to understand anything now. I want to stick to facts. I made up my mind long ago not to understand, for if I should want to understand something, I’d instantly alter the facts….” This moment in The Brothers Karamazov was jarringly […]


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    Coffee Thoughts


    : According to the NZ History website, “Wellington’s café culture is today an integral part of its identity as a city.” It’s true, everyone in this city seems to love coffee and we have an ample amount of cafes to keep the love brewing. I have been aware of this for as lon