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    V-ISA speak out against outsourcing

    1 May 2016: V-ISA ended their forum saying that outsourcing would do nothing more than “push the problem around,” and would fail to “tackle the root cause of why the program isn’t attracting as many students as thought.” They also added that the program had not been reviewed in yea

  • Wellington City Council are telling fibs

    The Wellington City Council (WCC) has revealed that plastic bags put in recycling bins by residents have not been recycled since 2011.


  • Issue 8, 2016


  • maddy

    The three lives of pain

    Madeleine shares her story of experiencing and enduring extreme bodily pain. The piece describes the details of a car crash which may be triggering to some people.   On the 18th of December I was in a high-speed car accident at the T intersection where state highway four meets state highway three near Te Kuiti. […]


  • ovaries


    Three women share their story of living with endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome.   For all the strides that medicine has taken, the patriarchal bend has led to an absence of studies on women’s bodies. This has resulted in a lack of understanding for many conditions and diseases that women suffer. Endometriosis (endo) and polycystic […]


  • anywhere but here 1

    Anywhere but Here

    Pain isn’t always visible, it’s often a deep, invisible sensation. In this piece Tim shares his experience of depression, his story is one that is individual and also universal, and he shares an honest portrayal of his experience. The piece includes several graphic descriptions which may be triggering to some people, and discussion of suicide. […]


  • Issue 7, 2016


  • interviews-jimi

    Living more Awesome

    Jimi Hunt is a mental health advocate, speaker, author, adventure seeker, and co-founder of the Live More Awesome charity. Having recently released his second book—A Guide To Live More Awesome, Kate Robertson caught up with Jimi to talk about some real worthy of your time shit.   K: How did Live More Awesome come to […]


  • interviews-faith

    Interview with Scarlett*, stripper/dancer and cam girl

    The adult entertainment industry has a long history of stigmatisation and marginality. At school, we were never informed that this could be a potentially viable line of work, or even that people can choose this line of work. Instead we’re encouraged to look at people who work in this industry askance, with sympathy, or disgust. […]


  • interviews-drew

    My First Ex Boyfriend

    When a relationship ends, there are always unanswered questions. Clear communication upon a breakup is a popular way to prevent prolonged wondering over what-ifs. Another way is to wait years and years and then interview them: DREW is currently in Ica, Peru, posing as a medical student. SHARON is currently in Wellington, New Zealand, posing […]


  • Issue 6, 2016


  • milkshake


    Finn takes a look at the sorry state of our rivers, how they got to be this way, and whether New Zealand could ever do justice to its claim to be ‘100% pure’. It turns out when you talk about rivers you talk a lot about dairy.   However you like to think about this […]


  • Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.22.49 am

    The climate needs to chill

    On November 28 last year about 7000 Wellingtonians marched on parliament demanding action on climate change. Hundreds of thousands more marched across the world: in Beirut and Barcelona, in Mexico and Melbourne. The timing was designed to put pressure on heads of states and diplomats from across the globe who were attending the Paris Climate […]


  • coffee

    Coffee casts no shade.

    The grey dawn lifts and you can see the afflicted everywhere. The 5:15am train commuters, 6:00am traffic jammers, all members of the collective whole. We are the coffee-toting weekday warriors. We brave the wind, weapon in hand. The coffee cup: our must-have accessory. It is the common brand of the busy and the important. Made […]


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