Splitting Apples

Have you ever looked closely at the joins of her fingers? Specifically at the connection between her metacarpals and proximal phalanges. Two or three of them have these little bumps, protruding. Mum mentioned it was arthritis.

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Sorry seems to be the easiest word

My mum and my dad felt that they weren’t ready to go through another pregnancy so soon, so Mum terminated it. In 1992, Mum and Dad did feel that they were ready, and so I was born.

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17 again

Seventeen Again

17-year-olds don’t hear any of this. 17-year-olds are conditioned into thinking of first-year as 12 months of partying and self-discovery, of one last gasp of reckless youth before it all slips away. University appears to be both the most responsible and most fun option.

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Listen to Your Mum

I was thinking about opinions recently, and I realised that the kinds of opinions I generally believe to be Good and Insightful are held by women.

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The Misunderstood Continent

What comes immediately to mind when you hear the word ‘Africa’? Be honest.

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