Government shuts out students

Student representatives may be barred from making decisions about the direction of the University, as there is no longer a legal obligations for students to be on University Council. Parliament passed the Education Amendment Bill (No 2) on 11 February. The bill removes the legal obligation for universities to appoint students and staff me

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Surviving Becky

After a stint with her grandma, Alice decided she needed to live with people her own age. Too bad one of them was a complete psycho. From classic passive-aggressive messages, to outright sabotage and threats of bodily harm, Salient brings you the story of the ultimate worst flatmate.

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Can the Hipster Survive in Wellington?

No “hipster” ever admits that they are one. To do so would conflict with the innate desire to be non-conformist, and disagrees with the informed belief that people shouldn’t be put in metaphorical boxes. Or so those who scorn the subculture say. Let the paisley sock, bucket hat and moustache combo speak for itself. Wellington [...]

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When the Food Runs Out

Thanks to global warming and overpopulation, humans stand on the brink of a massive food crisis. To address the crisis, we might need to get creative. Salient’s science team brings you the causes of the food crisis, some practical steps we can take to avert it, and the long-term sci-fi solutions.

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The ballots are closed and the results are in: the winner of the Oscars, for the 87th consecutive year, was the advertising industry. Despite a slight downturn from last year’s numbers, The Oscars’ televised live ceremony drew in a crowd of 37 million legal American viewers and no doubt plenty more illegal ones, myself amongst [...]

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