This Article Tastes How Purple Smells

Like many people with synesthesia, Tori didn’t know that her senses worked a little differently until she was 15. The school she went to screened a short film about the perils of not wearing a bike helmet. One scene showed a man crash his bike before cutting to a close-up of the fellows head being [...]

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Thank God for The Bachelor

It seems like a good moment to reflect on the place of reality television in New Zealand. The Kills and Moon episode has been the high-water mark of cultural vacuity, but there is something bigger at play here; the problems are more than superficial. It’s only in its second season but The X Factor has [...]

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Students unite!

VUWSA is urging Victoria University to reserve four of its University Council seats for staff and students.

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The Giant Spider in the Room

Winter is coming, which means yet another season of Game of Thrones is upon us. On 12 April, we’ll hole ourselves up in our cold flats or flock back to the nests in our hometowns, and escape into Westeros once more. I’m still woefully behind on the show, but I keep up when I can, [...]

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Cost vs Quality: Are universities milking international students?

New Zealand is becoming an increasingly popular destination for international students, with overseas students making up 12.3 per cent of Vic enrolments this year.

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