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  • Collective bargaining reaches a deadlock

    Collective bargaining over contracts between Victoria University and staff represented by the Tertiary Education Union (TEU) has reached a deadlock.


  • Issue 18, 2016


  • Izzy web

    Izzy Carson

    This is my apartment for another nineteen days it’s too hot to sleep in this small room people tell me the temperature in fahrenheit and I convert it to celsius on my phone I leave my bedroom door open and turn on the fan at night . I think it’s important to find something sacred […]


  • cheeseburgertower

    Page Works

    This issue we asked seven young Wellington-based artists and recent Fine Arts graduates to create an original ‘page work’ for Salient. The page became the site for the artwork, each artist free to utilise it as they liked. Each artist provided text to contextualise their artworks and to give an entry point for readers. The […]


  • georgette-header

    Inside the Vibrating Room: A Conversation with Georgette Brown

    “There was an earthquake in Wellington. It was the only earthquake I’ve ever felt intensely. I had to go stand in the doorway. Then my mirror, which was perched against my wall on top of my dresser, not hung up or anything, fell down and smashed right next to me. It was the only thing […]


  • Issue 17, 2016


  • laura

    Where are you from?

    But where are you from from? The answer people look for varies, depending on whether they want to know where my accent is from, or where I lived before moving to Wellington, or if they’re a Samoan asking what villages my parents are from. Geographically, here’s a quick overview: I was born in Samoa and […]


  • nina

    Somewhere Else

    dream It begins with a soft rattling sound, like tree branches hitting the window or wind shaking the glass against the frame. I am inside the room looking out. It’s dusk, or maybe dawn, because the sky is blue but the stars are just showing above the hills. The fact that there are stars and […]


  • my-house-my-castle

    My House, My Castle

    Huia Residence, Auckland ★★ 321 bedroom, 24 bathroom, ? flatmates. Choosing between the University of Auckland’s four student halls was easy. I left it too late, and by the time I got around to enrolling this hostel was the only one that had any space left. There was, I discovered, a reason for this. In […]


  • Issue 16, 2016


  • one-in-100

    One in a Hundred: Crime and No Punishment

    Eve tackles the myriad problems that underpin the sexual violence justice system. She looks into the role of an M.E.K (Medical Examination Kit), and how the evidence gathered can be both useful, and problematic. Content Warning: this feature contains distressing descriptions of medical and legal aspects of rape and sexual violence.   The sexual assault […]


  • mental-health

    Therapeutic Justice: The case for Mental Health Courts

    In 2013 Amanda Bynes was accused of drunk driving whilst in the middle of a somewhat public mental breakdown. Her erratic behavior, which included throwing a bong out of a 36th floor window and tweeting that she wanted Drake to “murder my vagina,” were all symptoms of untreated bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Since she was […]


  • bro

    BROS101: Introduction to Brogressive Politics

    Self described Cool Guy Ashton-Martyn and Tough Guy Mills are best mates and have written this piece about recognising progressive dudes with problematic behaviours, aka brogressives. When we first met a dude who could tell us the difference between equity and equality we were like “wait, what?” We’d just clawed our way out of Christchurch, […]


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