About Salient

Salient is the magazine of the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association. Founded in 1938 by a bunch of crazy kids who wanted to challenge the conservative and parochial orthodoxy on campus, we’ve been chugging out reasoned, seasoned and informed copy ever since. Well, at least an alternative source of free toilet paper.

Our 56-page weekly magazine covers a wide range of issues relevant to students and the wider public, from current events to public profiles, domestic and international politics, opinion and a wide range of arts.



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Letters policy

Salient welcomes and encourages public debate—be it serious or otherwise—through its letters pages. Write about anything: what you think of something you have read in Salient, your pet hates, your pet loves, how you think the magazine could be improved, issues of the day, whatever.

Letters must be received before 12pm on the Wednesday for publication the next week.

Letters must be no longer than 250 words.

Pseudonyms are fine, but all letters must include your real name, address and telephone number, these will not be printed.

Please note that letters will not be corrected for spelling or grammar.

The Editor reserves the right to edit, abridge or decline any letters without explanation.

If you would like to submit a Letter to the Editor please do so on the Contact Us page.



Salient provides a free notice service for all Victoria University of Wellington students, VUWSA affiliated clubs and not-for-profit organisations. Notices should be received by 5pm Tuesday in the week before publication. Notices must be fewer than 100 words. For-profit organisations will be charged $10 per notice. You can submit notices electronically on the contact us page.



If you are too lazy, busy or otherwise unable to pick up a copy of the magazine from Wellington we can send a print edition to you each week.

Subscriptions cost $60 a year for addresses in New Zealand. International rates will vary depending on location. To subscribe please contact us.