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When asked about his prospects of facing the embattled Tiger Woods, European Ryder Cup member Rory McIlroy quipped “I would love to face him”. Woods, struggling through his first winless season on the PGA Tour, reportedly later shot back: “Be careful what you wish for”. McIlroy and co. wished for a Ryder Cup win and [...]


If further proof was needed that the Commonwealth Games really is a farcical competition, the uproar of the last few days should provide just that. While the absence of sporting superpowers China and USA lends itself to New Zealand success, the reality is the Games are just the poor man’s version of the Olympics. The [...]


When News of The World blew apart the match-fixing exploits of Mazhar Majeed, another dark episode of cheating in sport was exposed. In the undercover video, middle-man Majeed ‘predicted’ to the reporters, posing as a member of a gambling cartel, that Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif would deliberately deliver three no-balls at Lord’s in Pakistan’s [...]


The Australian Federal Election finish line is fast approaching and opposition leader Tony Abbott will need to draw on all his superhuman strength and willpower to pull him across it. Abbott is no stranger to the strains of competitive endurance races, having earlier this year completed a gruelling Australian Iron Man challenge. This time, however, [...]


Littering sports reports with metaphors of war is fairly commonplace. However, there’s no disputing the fact that actual disasters have occurred on and off the field of play. Some have been outright tragic, such as the Hillsborough Disaster of 1989; the crowd crushing close to 100 people marked the end of terraces in stadiums. Motor [...]


Some may say that when your country’s most successful participants at the World Cup are the referee and an eight-armed mollusk, something is wrong. However, it would be foolish to undermine the achievements and entertainment value of English referee Howard Webb and Weymouth-born Paul the Octopus. On the eve of the World Cup final, Paul [...]


In the build up to the World Cup, Nike released an epic three minute commercial starring the most iconic wearers of the brand: Rooney, Ronaldo, Drogba, Cannavaro, Ribery and Ronaldinho. The advert was entitled ‘Write the Future’ with the central theme being that certain moments in a match can determine the destiny of oneself: the [...]


Not winning matches never felt so good. Four weeks on from my assertion that the All Whites could struggle to compete at the World Cup finals, they are defying the odds and battling it out in Group F. The opening game against Slovakia was undeniably average, but Winston Reid’s stoppage-time header gave Kiwis a chance [...]


As trimester one draws to a close, there is no doubt a handful of first years that have, after some hard partying at the Big Kumara and Shooters this term, little coin left in the pocket. I dearly wanted to use this column to pass on some footballing pearls of wisdom, in the hope that [...]