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May 28, 2018

Remix to ignition; carless cities. The following is written from a completely hypocritical position. I’m going to talk about how cars have massacred cities and we should get rid of them. At the same time, I drove to the library in my smoking heap of a Honda Civic. We’re used to cars the way fish […]

May 14, 2018

My dad is a farmer up North. To farm, he uses a blue Yamaha quad, and dog named Jack rides on the back. Before the invention of the combustion engine, bullocks would have drawn a plow across the doughy paddock. And before that, it was bush. You can trace the history of the farm like […]

April 30, 2018

I’m watching bees collect nectar from the teeth of dandelions in my neglected garden. Swift as tigers, the bees hum with clumps of pollen cradled behind their knees. There is something mystical about bees. In Celtic law, they are messengers of the dead. Karl Marx propounded bees as a perfect model for human society. My […]

April 9, 2018

Fresh water today is slippery business. Large amounts of the resource are being siphoned into the pockets of private, overseas bottle companies by virtue of council consents. Farmers pump water for no fee, turning water to milk and rivers to dust. The citizen is watering her lawns and leaving her taps running. It seems that […]

March 19, 2018

I live in a small house in a leafy suburb. I’m lucky. After a few crap years in the concrete jungle it’s a breath of fresh air to be close to the bush. Even as I write this, there’s a pohutakawa that fills my bedroom with a brilliant vermilion blaze. If you look hard enough […]

March 5, 2018

On the banks of Daqing River sits the town of Wen’an. While the morning cool keeps the smog at bay, a throng of local men gather around a blue rubbish truck. The driver pulls a lever and out tumble bales of wild, plastic garbage. Back at the family home, the floor is flooded in litter. […]

July 24, 2017

The Victoria University Politics Students’ Society (POLSOC) hosted the electoral debate for Central Wellington Candidates on July 19 at VUW. Organiser and POLSOC member Chris Nixon said the purpose of the evening was “to educate students on each of their choices for the coming election and local candidates in a neutral way.” He wanted to […]

March 27, 2017

The morning of March 16; a new sun rises over New Zealand. City slickers begin their daily commutes. Farmers usher their herds to the milking shed. All seems business as usual. But Te Awa Tupua (the Whanganui River) has woken up a new person — at least in the eyes of the law. This is […]

August 7, 2016

i noticed you were dead last night when i came home from a party. you were there floating on the surface,               caught mid-accession from the tank. your little yellow belly was already beginning to bloat. full-stop mouth paused open, astonished at its end. you had met your fish-sized demise, my friend? i grabbed a […]