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Elle started out at Salient reviewing music. In 2010, she wrote features and Animal of The Week, which an informal poll revealed to be 40% of Victoria students' favourite part of the magazine. Alongside Uther Dean, she was co-editor for 2011. In 2012, she is chief features writer.

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March 12, 2012

It’s been a long time since we saw the charred remains of a couch on Kelburn Parade, but does that make Wellington any less of a student-friendly city?

March 4, 2012

Yes, that’s a reference to a Kanye West lyric from 2010. In case you needed more proof that we’re regressing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but also—as the pillbox hats of the 1960s, platform shoes of the 1970s and perms of the 1980s go to show—as dependent on the decade. But what’s […]

February 27, 2012

Salient’s lifespan does not tend to exceed a week. Following distribution on Monday, it’s flicked through once, then discarded in lecture theatres, crumpled in puddles, used to line litterboxes, fashioned into amusing hats. We joke about it serving as a “ready source of free toilet paper” on our Facebook page but, well—we wouldn’t be surprised. […]

October 10, 2011

Ultimate frisbee and debating were the winners on the night at the Blues Awards this week, proving that even the less virile sports can sock it to the big boys when it counts. The awards allow University Sport New Zealand and Victoria University to recognise students who excel at the highest level in their chosen […]

September 25, 2011

First, a caveat: I don’t claim to be a decent human being. I am a Media Studies major. I text in all caps. Just last week, in fact, I set my hair on fire. But even in the face of these grave character flaws, I strive to be rational, a trait that is not prized […]

September 19, 2011

Last week, the VUWSA exec met for the first time in a long time—over a month and a half. Prez Seamus has not been forthcoming as to why so many meetings have failed to eventuate, dodging your correspondents’ eager questioning with excuses like “There isn’t any business to discuss” (even following VUWSA’s AGM) and “Everyone’s […]

September 12, 2011

The annual VUWSA General Election has got off to a slow start, with just five nominations having been received so far. At time of writing on Thursday 8 September, five students had put themselves forward for one of the 16 positions on the executive, two weeks since nominations opened in mid-August. With nominations closing on […]

August 15, 2011

Seamus Brady, President Prez Seamus has done, in his own words, “lots” so far this year, and indeed, there’s no obvious padding in his extensive, 15-page work report. That he’s often in his office until 10pm, his dedication to the role. Seamus has continued to improve the relationship between VUWSA and the University; overseen the […]

July 18, 2011

ACT Party leader Don Brash took advantage of Re-Orientation to make a bid for the student vote last week. Dr Brash spoke at VUWSA’s Mid-Winter Feast about how ACT would tackle the issues facing students if it reaches the five percent vote threshold to remain in Parliament after the November election. Although the Greens have […]

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