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July 29, 2013

If it passes, it will be an egregious assault on the civil rights and privacy of every New Zealander.

July 22, 2013

Republicanism is a cause people of all political allegiances can believe in.

July 15, 2013

Politics was pretty eventful over the mid-trimester break, as if to spite Salient. Here in New Zealand, political leaders were rolled like there was a fever for it.

June 4, 2013

Why is our system so good at getting people educated comparatively? Well, you are not going to like this, but it is due to the principle of user pays.

May 27, 2013

This week’s topic is the sanctimonious bleating of the leftist complex about the Government’s use of the urgency procedure in Parliament.

May 20, 2013

The poor budget in the middle year of the electoral cycle is loved by no one.

May 13, 2013

A vulgar, arrogant boor of a man, Mr Gilmore is symptomatic of everything wrong with our warped electoral system MMP, not the National Party.

May 6, 2013

Bad for you, bad for me, bad for the economy, and very fucking bad for New Zealand.

April 29, 2013

Last week, if you pricked up your ears at just the right moment, you might have heard an enormous crashing noise. This was the sound of nearly thirty years of mainstream political consensus about the New Zealand economy being torn apart.

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