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Government plays hard to get with Uni Council


Breaking Bad is proof that television has an incredible power all of its own.


How could the man who brought us Pan’s Labyrinth produce such garbage?


Every year, thousands of eager filmmakers compete in what is arguably the most hectic film-production contest known to mankind. Salient Film Editor Gerald Lee sat down with student filmmaker Michelle Kan to discuss the competition and its appeal.


Evening Flix comprises a series of movies examining the lives, works and worlds of various artists. Here’s a quick guide to what’s being shown.


While Alex Galvin’s new sci-fi feature proves to be a technical success, it falters on an emotional level due to some irritating performances and underwritten characters.


For the purposes of your global education, here is Salient’s guide to the highlights of the Documentary Edge Film Festival 2013.


Despite featuring a well-honed sense of visual flair, Trance is an appalling pile of drivel, assailing the audience with a chaotic story that never once makes you care about what’s going on.


Directed by Mike Newell Adaptations of the works of Charles Dickens seem to come thick and fast these days, and it’s often hard to see what the latest version contributes to our understanding of these classic tales. Like so many others, the latest version to hit cinema screens, Mike Newell’s great expectations, fails to tread [...]