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March 27, 2017

An Inconvenient Post-Truth When it comes to climate change, politicians and scientists get along like the Titanic and a (rapidly shrinking) iceberg. Climate scientists have historically been ignored or had their findings downplayed by legislators, and now politicians are facing the consequences of downplaying a threat that can’t be debated or easily scapegoated. In a […]

March 13, 2017

Hydrogen: Now Metal as Fuck Welcome to Super Science Trends! Where we see what’s new in science and prepare you for the technological advances you can expect in the coming years. So when you get out of university and find a robot has taken your job, don’t say we didn’t warn you! As befitting the […]

October 4, 2015

Ever since intelligence community martyr and recent Twitter user Edward Snowden leaked classified documents from the NSA, we’ve suddenly become aware of the extent to which intelligence agencies can keep tabs on all of our online actions.

September 27, 2015

In between essays and articles, the two shows I most recently binge-watched were Black Mirror and Mr. Robot. Both shows are about the profound effect that technology has on our lives and our society, and it got me thinking about how much of a love-hate relationship we have with our devices, despite the innumerable benefits […]

September 13, 2015

I was introduced to a number of biology lecturers, but at the time, they were only known to me by the animal they studied—“the deer guy”, “the rhino guy”, “the tropical fish guy” and so forth, like some zoological Justice League.

September 6, 2015

Ancient stone tools used by chimpanzees dating back to 4300 years ago have been discovered in West Africa. This has led archaeologists to declare that chimps are officially in their own Stone Age. Anyone else hear the 2001 theme playing? The Chimpanzee Stone Age has been going for quite some time, with chimps handing their […]

August 16, 2015

Drug companies are tracking down superhuman mutants to use their genes to cure debilitating medical conditions.   This may sound like the premise of the next X-Men movie, but it’s actually happening right now. Thanks to advances in epigenetics and genome sequencing, drug companies like Amgen and Genentech have been able to identify these genetic […]

August 9, 2015

How many ways do you think there are to tie the average necktie? According to statistical physicist Thomas Fink, mathematically there are 85, based on shape, symmetry and the way in which the tie is laid at each point one ties the knot. Fink published his findings in The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie […]

July 19, 2015

Psychologists estimate that around one per cent of the world’s population are psychopaths. Statistically, you are bound to have met one at some point in your life. I think I met my first one last year. I was visiting a friend in Otago. It was the first time I had ever stayed at someone’s flat […]