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March 13, 2017

Crip 101 Last year staffing cuts at the University of Waikato included the dismissal of senior staff in the Disability and Inclusion Studies Programme, which focuses on research into our inclusion in the education system. The reasons cited were predictable — low student numbers (read: money). Disability is neither lucrative nor pretty.  But cuts to […]

September 25, 2016

Having a disability has meant that since before I was born it has been the place of others to label, define, and interact with it. This has come mostly from the necessity of defining it for others. Labeling my body as disabled has made it recognizable to professionals so that I can get the support […]

September 11, 2016

You’ve been down, maybe it’s just that you have to be close to the ground for the world to speak; so the things you hear don’t punch you any lower because there’s bound to be mud and blood and worm-halves down there.   Ever since I started ‘growing up’ there have been people teaching me […]

August 14, 2016

A friend of mine keeps joking that I need to take the path of least resistance and just become professionally disabled. The way things are heading, she is probably right. Disability is an element of what I live, study, and talk about every day. This column is hardly helping my case. I used to swear […]

July 31, 2016

Over the break we had a win. Kiwi Robert Martin became the first person with a learning (intellectual) disability to be appointed to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, saying “people with a learning disability can do anything if they have the opportunities.” About time! My happiness was tempered by the […]

July 17, 2016

Coming out for me was comparatively easy compared to some of the stories I’ve heard. I would almost say my family outed me to myself. I had friends who said, please be gay, I don’t want to be the only queer I know, and straight and queer friends alike to go to Big Gay Out […]

May 22, 2016

Who was helping you? Was she your mother / carer /  sister / aunt?/  Was he your father?   It is nice you live with your parents /  amazing you live alone You are a smart / brave / good girl   My sister / brother lives here but not / but also / our […]

May 8, 2016

“I used to try to explain that in fact I enjoy my life, that it’s a great sensual pleasure to zoom by power chair on these delicious muggy streets, that I have no more reason to kill myself than most people. But it gets tedious. God didn’t put me on this street to provide disability […]

April 17, 2016

I am five when I get my first wheelchair. She is mauve (my favorite color: pinkish-purpley, I call it) and comes with a schoolbag on the back decorated with fish. I love her. For me she means a relief from the mountain-buggy I’ve sat slumped in (the best way for my parents to transport me […]