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The Sorting Hat opens its mouth, and weeks and months and YEARS of great chat follow. “Karen, you are such a Slytherin!” “As if, Karen! I am totally a Gryffindor. I’m basically Hermione Granger.” “Then again, Karen, you’re pretty smart. You could be a Ravenclaw.” You know what I mean. You’ve heard it before. You are Karen. (We are all Karen.)


This weird alphabet thing is me trying to reiterate that it’s something to be open to, should you find yourself in more than just a low point.


Do you ever get anxious and stressed and avoid thinking about things because you don’t know that much about them and you’ll never be an expert so why bother?


Sick of hearing your mates’ weed stories? So’s Hilary.


I think they’re just Scooby-Doo saying ‘Egrets’, and I want to debunk their mystique right heron now.


Trophies and ribbons mean nothing on your deathbed.


When you’re with people, give them your full attention. Be available to them.


Law students have always been so quiet on study stress!


In a liberating and altogether new experience for both me and the reader, let me try and explain to you (read: justify to myself) how I went from being ignorant and identifying as right-wing to just being ignorant.